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Afternoon Game time (and OT!) Afternoon Game time (and OT!)

Happy Wednesday yall, coming to you from West Quad Gossett Jr!

Opinions and hot takes requested, please (tw rape, ghosts)

Yall I am very very genuinely interested to hear your thoughts on this; the article below takes a strong NOPE stance but I... and please hear me out... don’t know about it.

Please, share your opinions

The NYT would like to know how you feel about the Kavanaugh confirmation:

The fighters.

I am crying, and trying very hard not to (because I’m at work). The strength of women, the strength of survivors... it’s just unbelievable. I am so disappointed in so many men these past few days (and always), and yet I keep seeing these amazing women just fighting... tearing themselves apart to fight. Putting it all…


I needed to see this tonight before bed.

Who is tired? Why are you tired?

Y’all, I can’t be the only one who is TIRED. Let us all combine together here, tired and weary, and discuss how we got in this state.

Sending good thoughts

Who are you sending good thoughts to today? I’m not a hippie dippie person, but I do very much believe in the power of good thoughts, whether you call them vibes, or wishes, or prayers, and I believe putting them out into the universe is a good thing. Hopefully for the person you’re wishing well, but I believe it’s a…

What art and artists do you like?

I need to get art for my house*! This will be a slow long process, but I’m finding I tend to get stuck on really loving one artist’s stuff and having a hard time finding new artists or getting inspiration from a lot of different styles.

Cute things are not cute.  Cute things are not cute. 

Someone posted this on my FB this morning and it made my eyes roll. All I see here is a mediocre third place dude taking all of the attention and focus away from a woman who actually accomplished something. No wonder she’s fucking crying. WE’RE ALL CRYING SWEETiE. GET USED TO THIS PARADIGM AND FEELING DEAD INSIDE. …

Please spread the word and support - Prison Strike

You can not approve of the prison system today and and claim you’re not a racist. The for profit prison system is a horrific abuse of power, and prisons in general and across states are literally - LITERALLY - constitutionally protected slavery. Please help spread the word and support prisoners over the next three…

My new favorite game My new favorite game

What do you got, GT? Bonus points if you also name the NPR person whose voice you imagine saying the name.

Recommendations Post? Recommendations Post?

We haven’t done one of these in a while but I always love them when we do! Tell us something new you’ve tried lately that you’d recommend OR ask for recommendations for something need!  What are we buying or looking to buy, GT?

Inane Question Time

How do yall wrap up leftover cake or cupcakes (anything frosted, really)? What is the proper way to do it?

Work Health/Weight Loss programs

Does anyone have any experience with these? Our health insurance company is offering us some sort of incentives to participate in one of those health programs where you do healthy things and get points and compete against your coworkers, etc. I’ve been asked to help sit down with HR and come up with ways to make this…

Tuesday OT

What is your favorite and least favorite days of the week? I’ve always been of the opinion that Tuesdays are far worse than Mondays; they seem to go by so slowly and they’re still so far from the next weekend and you’ve already forgotten about the previous one.

Paging Dr Groupthink

Y’all, I need advice. I don’t know what to do any more. And also, please make this a medical OT- share your own medical dilemmas and mysteries that you’d love to crowdsource.

A hot take this Mother’s Day

Please keep in mind this is brought to you by a very hungover me so forgive my saltiness. But I am not my dog’s mother.

Once again, black women are amazing and doing it all 

I’m sorry for the second post of the day, but it’s a big day here. New Orleans has just sworn in Latoya Cantrell, our first female mayor (in a 300 year old city) and now, the three biggest cities in Louisiana are all run by black women mayors. And they’re run by women who are NOT part of the elite; these are not your…

MMOT (monday morning open thread) MMOT (monday morning open thread)

Morning y’all! You know how this goes; please share all the things, big and small.

OMG I'm so excited

I don’t know that many people IRL who love this, so I’m sharing with you all - but I am totally here for this! Werewolves, not swearwolves!

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