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Paging Dr Groupthink

Y’all, I need advice. I don’t know what to do any more. And also, please make this a medical OT- share your own medical dilemmas and mysteries that you’d love to crowdsource.

A hot take this Mother’s Day

Please keep in mind this is brought to you by a very hungover me so forgive my saltiness. But I am not my dog’s mother.

Once again, black women are amazing and doing it all 

I’m sorry for the second post of the day, but it’s a big day here. New Orleans has just sworn in Latoya Cantrell, our first female mayor (in a 300 year old city) and now, the three biggest cities in Louisiana are all run by black women mayors. And they’re run by women who are NOT part of the elite; these are not your…

MMOT (monday morning open thread) MMOT (monday morning open thread)

Morning y’all! You know how this goes; please share all the things, big and small.

OMG I'm so excited

I don’t know that many people IRL who love this, so I’m sharing with you all - but I am totally here for this! Werewolves, not swearwolves!

I am mad about this. 

It’s too early in the morning y’all. I can’t. So now we let disgraced abusers interview other disgraced abusers and pretend like it’s journalism and not a masturbatory public forum for them to excuse and defend and “explain” their behavior?

Help! My shingles blew off Help! My shingles blew off

Has anyone ever dealt with anything like this before? I just moved into my new house two weeks ago and I came home today after a somewhat but not all that windy day to find that an entire batch of shingles was just sitting in my yard. Not one or two. A bunch:

Monday Morning OT Monday Morning OT

Which puppy are you today? How was the weekend and how are you feeling about the week?

Random Questions OT Random Questions OT

Hi yall! It has been a second since I have done one of these but I love when we all get together and push out the random questions that are on our mind that we keep meaning to ask, or that we’re curious about but don’t want to make a whole post for.  

Can Justin Timberlake.... Can Justin Timberlake.... a Super Bowl show without exploiting a more talented black performer?

Morning (midday?) OT

Y’all I have not done an OT in a long time! What is up with everyone today? Is everyone feeling well, or getting sickly? How’s your weather? Is anyone dying of cabin fever because its stupid end of January? What’s hot in the news?

Instant Pot Recommendations?

Hi GT! My holiday present to myself this year was an instant pot and I’d love some helpful starter recommendations on good and easy recipes to start using it for. I’ve never used a pressure cooker before or basically any of the 900 machines an instant pot is, except a slow cooker, so I am feeling a little overwhelmed!

Last Minute Shopping Headquarters

Ladies and Gents, it is one week til Christmas (one week and one day until Kwanzaa or Boxing day! Mid Hannukah!) Who is still struggling to get those last few presents? Who is amazing and all done and wants to help or brag? post it here!

Breaking News: Old White Man realizes rape actually happens!

This guy is the EPITOME of the liberal dude who thinks he is such a good feminist and wants a cookie but is actually a piece of shit constantly misses the entire point of everything. He is the guy who puts “feminist” in his Tinder profile and constantly tells you on the date how his lack of manners is actually him …

#metoo and Harvey Weinstein - are things changing?

It’s been a few weeks now since the Harvey Weinstein drama started snowballing, and I am wondering - what are you seeing locally, if anything, happening from it? What are conversations off the internet like, or are you seeing any changes or differences in your day to day life or business or community? What frustration…

Bluetooth headphone recs? (and General Recommendations OT!)

Hey yall - distraction central over here. I did all the thing and called the people and now I have the absolute privilege of being able to stop thinking for a second and focus on some non important stuff. Namely - I finally replaced my phone after 4 years (a fact of which I am super proud I kept a phone that long) and…

Female Robot has Very Human Experience

TW: assault, rape? I don’t even know. But it’s disturbing me enough that I’m putting a TW on it for SOMETHING.

If you liked this album...

I saw this post earlier today and loved the idea and thought she came up with some fantastic examples and recommendations. Essentially, the idea is this - if you liked this album, then you should read this book.

Thursday GT OT

Hi yall and happy Thursday! It has been a long week already, has it not? I am still sending a lot of love out to our Texas peeps even while I am ensconced in my own petty nonsense (more in comments).

Please Send Dry Thoughts

I feel like this is not making national news, although it should, but if anyone wants to please send dry, non rainy thoughts to New Orleans and sit back for a tale of a really poorly run government entity, now is the time.

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