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Y'all, this is bad

Under Trump, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is removing restrictions on predatory lenders - really basic stuff like, the lenders no longer have to do ANY due diligence on whether or not the borrower could ever pay back the money type stuff.

Hot takes!

What better way to get through a cold spell than with some HOT TAKES?!??

Morning OT

Do y’all think this is contagious????

Monday Morning (afternoon? god is it afternoon?) OT

Whatever time of day it is, heyyyyyyy.  What’s the haps, GT?

Sparking Joy

I’ve had a lot of Marie Kondo discussions, both in the past and recently with her new show, and I’ve found that most of the conversations I have end up getting pretty personal; cleaning and how we arrange our space are deeply intrinsic things that are impacted a lot by our internal baggage. The article below touches…

Fun afternoon read!

Buzzfeed has a really nice interview with the following internet advice peeps, and I thought I’d post it over here since I think all of these writers have had questions or answers posted about/discussed in GT! (don’t ask me why the article says five when there are 6 people listed!)


Y’all with all the memes and whatnot going on about Birdbox, I have yet to see anyone mention the absolute best achievement about it.

Little Debbie is the Hero we Need Little Debbie is the Hero we Need

I have no idea where this came from but I think we all needed to hear it, Little Debbie.

Holiday Talk

How are y’all doing today? This is both a joyous and a very hard time of year, and about now is when I feel like I really start feeling both excitement and stress and anxiety ramp up a lot, so I like to force myself to take a minute and think about where I’m at, what I’m looking forward to, and what is stressing me,…

Hannah Gadsby Is an Amazing Brilliant Human Being 

And I thank the Goddess for sending her to us. She is so wonderful at making clear, succinct, brilliant observations and presenting them in a rational and yet emotionally powerful way. She is an excellent comedian, but truly she is a phenomenal public orator in a world that prefers screamers.

Thanksgiving week begins! OT Thanksgiving week begins! OT

It is officially Thanksgiving week Monday! How is everyone doing this fine Monday morning, where you almost can’t even be mad it’s Monday since the week is so short? How are y’all feeling?

Afternoon Game time (and OT!) Afternoon Game time (and OT!)

Happy Wednesday yall, coming to you from West Quad Gossett Jr!

Opinions and hot takes requested, please (tw rape, ghosts)

Yall I am very very genuinely interested to hear your thoughts on this; the article below takes a strong NOPE stance but I... and please hear me out... don’t know about it.

Please, share your opinions

The NYT would like to know how you feel about the Kavanaugh confirmation:

The fighters.

I am crying, and trying very hard not to (because I’m at work). The strength of women, the strength of survivors... it’s just unbelievable. I am so disappointed in so many men these past few days (and always), and yet I keep seeing these amazing women just fighting... tearing themselves apart to fight. Putting it all…


I needed to see this tonight before bed.

Who is tired? Why are you tired?

Y’all, I can’t be the only one who is TIRED. Let us all combine together here, tired and weary, and discuss how we got in this state.

Sending good thoughts

Who are you sending good thoughts to today? I’m not a hippie dippie person, but I do very much believe in the power of good thoughts, whether you call them vibes, or wishes, or prayers, and I believe putting them out into the universe is a good thing. Hopefully for the person you’re wishing well, but I believe it’s a…

What art and artists do you like?

I need to get art for my house*! This will be a slow long process, but I’m finding I tend to get stuck on really loving one artist’s stuff and having a hard time finding new artists or getting inspiration from a lot of different styles.

Cute things are not cute.  Cute things are not cute. 

Someone posted this on my FB this morning and it made my eyes roll. All I see here is a mediocre third place dude taking all of the attention and focus away from a woman who actually accomplished something. No wonder she’s fucking crying. WE’RE ALL CRYING SWEETiE. GET USED TO THIS PARADIGM AND FEELING DEAD INSIDE. …

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