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She’s Home She’s Home

After spending the day at the doctor’s office getting aligned, though not getting springs like I hoped, she got to come home for the first time.

New Abode New Abode

I’m officially living here now

The Trials and Tribulations of House Buying and Selling 

Today was supposed to be closing day. Yeah, not so much.

Full Straight Jacket (apologies to R. Lee Ermey) Full Straight Jacket (apologies to R. Lee Ermey)

This is my Camaro. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Work project

As many of you are completely unaware of I work for a language company. Right now a coworker is working on a language filter and needs examples of swear words that contain the word “shit” but don’t start with it. Like bullshit, dogshit, batshit, etc. Can any of you wise Oppos come up with more? I think we have the…

Life Happenings Life Happenings

Most people don’t buy a car and a house within a week of each other but I’m not most people. Life stuff to follow so you might want to skip this one.

Fingers crossed [Update]

If all goes well we’re going to be putting in an offer on a nice three-car garage with attached house tomorrow. If it goes through that means the POS Camaro gets to come home. Damn, I want this.

Crunch [Update] Crunch [Update]

My wife’s G37X got hit on Saturday. The car in front of her stopped short, she stopped accordingly and then the older Explorer behind her either hit her of his own accord or got pushed in to her by the bro-truck behind him.

Like A Rock Like A Rock

I’m sitting at my desk not feeling well so I thought I’d do a little shit posting instead of work. We all know how misunderstood the Springsteen song Born in the U.S.A. is. While a lot of people, and politicians, think it’s a jingoistic anthem it’s actually a song about a guy whose country has fucked him over. There…

Got another one! Got another one!

There is an underpass right by the office I work in and I’ve seen at least 4 trucks either stuck under it or had their tops ripped open in the past year. It has big warning signs and even lights that flash if your vehicle is too tall. One of the trucks was a Penske rental so I can kind of understand the person not…

He might be lost He might be lost

A friend of mind sent these over to me yesterday. This isn’t exactly the kind of thing you normally see parked in a strip mall on a Monday in February. I’d like to know what the story was on it.

Weekend Follies 

Fuck Ford. Fuck Navistar. And fuck whoever packaged that piece of shit engine in that fucking truck.

Junk Yardin' Junk Yardin'

Sometimes procrastination pays off.

I have no idea I have no idea

I work for a trucking company so the employee parking lot is usually full of pickups and SUVs but today something new appeared. I’m not sure whose it was and I’m not sure what the hell it is, but it’s definitely not boring. The engine is an old-school Ford four cylinder (maybe a 2.3?) but that’s all I can say for sure.

Be careful what you wish for

I doubt anybody remembers but I’ve been having an issue keeping mice out of my project Camaro. I think that problem is either over or soon will be. The question now is, how do I get the snake out of there?

Washington Love Washington Love

Eastern Washington, that is. It’s the dry side of the mountains but the whole thing is not a damn desert like some from Pugetopolis seem to think. Took a drive up above the lodge where we got married. I didn’t get a good shot from up top but here’s the view from half way:

The task for the day was to turn theses boxes in to a functional steering system.

Fun with Steering Fun with Steering

Today I finally had a chance to try to hunt down what was causing all of the slop in the Camaro’s steering. Once I got it up and on stands and started looking it was pretty obvious that the steering box was the culprit.

Abort Mission! Abort Mission!

Took the POS Camaro out for a drive after replacing the old fan with an electric one that I had lying around and was just too lazy to put in before. Until now I had been doing short low speed test drives but this time I decided to take it out on some main roads and shake it down.

Garage snoopers

It’s a semi-regular occurrence for somebody to wander in to my parents’ garage while I’m working on my Camaro to ask if it’s for sale.

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