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So, some guidance please

I can use some help, especially from those GTers in here with disabilities.

Genetics are weird

I’m sitting here watching my two year make various “beds” for her stuffed animals and dolls and superheroes (and an attempted one for a live dog- it failed) and she is boggling my mind. She is a carbon copy of me- but has my husband’s coloring, and mannerisms. Now, I may just be tired, but isn’t that weird, how the…

Help explaining to a toddler 

So my parents have moved, too far for me to walk to. I am grateful the helping them pack is over. Here’s the problem. I’ve been visiting them multiple times a week forever, with my kiddo in tow. My dad wasn’t in the best of health, having had open heart surgery, forced retirement, and some depression because of that,…

Diet talk/ help 

Tw: diet talk/ weight loss


Anyone read this over on the A.V. club? Thoughts?

Angry at my body (trigger depression)

I actually feel bad writing this when there is so much bullshit going on in the world, but my best friend has so much shit going on I can’t really vent to her, so here it is.

Product rec

Shout out here for the ordinary vitamin c serum. I also tried the retinol serum, and it’s great, but pretty much instant result with the vitamin c. I knew there would be a tingle, but it did throw me off. So happy I waited it out. I had kidney/ liver issues years ago that left me with dark patches on my face and…

Haircut help Haircut help

I’m getting a long overdue haircut/ desperately trying to cover the gray today and I’m at a loss with what to do. I used to have a shit ton of curly hair. After some health issues and pregnancy and now a possible thyroid problem (jury is still out) I’m have like a third of what I had, the texture is off and the curl…

Good people

My friend and I were just talking about how we sometimes forget that there are nice people who do nice things you, just because. She had an issue with her new to her car, and bc of a pain flare up (cancer) she can’t get under to hood to check it out. It was a stupid issue (thank jeebus- she can’t afford extra expenses…

April the giraffe

So I don’t know how to link it bc I saw it on Facebook live, but I’m sure someone here does, but April the giraffe has her baby and it all went well. Just thought the good news was needed. Also, the baby is adorable.

Please distract me 

So this month my best friend has been informed that her cancer is back, it’s stage four, treatable, but not curable, and it’s everywhere. Then Saturday my dad, who is my best friend and hero, had massive heart issues (aortal intermural hematoma, afib, and some other thing that is causing swelling, and he has high…

In which I shamelessly post a fund for my bff to see a real doctor

Hey guys, I actually put this together for my work group, but here it is.

Help- need new career

So GT, I need a new career. I’m still shooting boudoir, but with the new baby I can’t call an uber and take off for a shoot during the week (we rent multiple studios across Southern California), so I can only shoot saturdays. It’s not cutting the bills. I’m still taking in freelance marketing for small businesses-…


So, after spending a day with relatives, it got me to thinking, we probably all have a relative we dread seeing. On the flip side, we all have a favorite as well. Who are these people for you? What’s your reasoning for it?

I figured out what Facebook is for

Do any of you guys make use of thenlocal “yard sale” groups on Facebook? They are groups where people list things they have for sale locally and you can sell things as well? I just sold a bunch of maternity clothes, bought a bunch of dr. Brown’s bottles, sold my kitchen table that has been sitting in my garage, and…

C-section questions

Hey guys, it’s been awhile since I posted a thread.I read though! I have questions that I’m sure some of you have experience with. In case my title wasn’t clear- heads up: medical/ pregnancy related stuff ahead.

Maternity clothes help

Trigger warning: pregnancy & weight

Oscar stuff

This is the first time I’ve watched the oscars. 1. Little tremblay is adorable. 2. I am really happy Leo got an Oscar, but I’m the weirdo who loved the revenant. 3. I totally would Leo. In case you were wondering. Just puttin it out there. 4. I am not a fan of jez’s live blog.

Advice needed

So I read the article in the MP

Dating woes/ essays?

So I am putting together a small trade type magazine for the boudoir studio I work for. This will be passed along to doctor's offices, car dealerships ( for waiting room reading material), and given to our clients. I'd love to put in a tales from dating sites kind of article (without names and pictures), and can trade…

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