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Dear Science and Academia Friends (all others invited too)

Please go to Twitter and check out the #ArrestedScience, #ScienceNineNine, and #ScienceAndRecreation tags.

What advice do you wish you could give graduates?

My friend’s daughter is graduating high school in a couple weeks. I can’t make it, so will just be sending a card*. There is so much I wish I could put in the card...advice that if she took could help. But, I know so much of it is also the kind of advice you have to experience to have it mean anything. So, I’ll just…

Carl Kasell has passed away

My little NPR loving heart is crying after hearing this news.

Skepticism, wanting to believe, and what would you do? Skepticism, wanting to believe, and what would you do?

Last night, I watched this video of the Buzzfeed LadyLike ladies and their session with Tyler the Medium.

Wednesday Open Thread-Random Things Wednesday Open Thread-Random Things

1) So, in this Facebook group I’m in, somebody posted this problem and it is causing SO MANY arguements.

Best Meal You Ever Had

I ended up on an old Takeout post about the best meal you’ve ever had. And, so I thought I’d ask you about yours. :-)

Unpopular Opinion of the Day-Restaurant Seating

In the interest of avoiding real work, I’m reading some of the Ask the Salty Waitress archives on The Takeout (lately her advice all seems to be “do what you want, but if you don’t choose the option that gives me the biggest tip, you are being tacky. I wanted to see if she’s always been that way)

Dealing with dick pics...one method I don't get

I’m in a Facebook group full of mostly women, and as is usual in them, the topic of unwanted dick pics came up. Several women suggested “find him on Facebook and send the picture to all his female relatives” or “put it on Facebook or Instagram and tag his account”. Their thought is “well, she’ll see it and make him…

New Year's Eve Symbolism-Forecast Your Year

I know there is kind of the superstition of “how you ring in the New Year is how the next year is going to be. So....what does your next year bring?

Thursday Morning OT

Thank goodness today is my Friday, because the way today is going, I’m not sure I would survive tomorrow!

Dear Bakers of GT, Please Recommend

Today my beloved pizza stone broke in half. I’m still not sure what happened. I pre-heated it in the oven like I always do. It only got up to 550°, which it’s done dozens of times (though I suspect that’s the culprit). All I know is I put my pizza on it, and when I went to take the pizza off, there was a big crack in…

TIL I have been doing sex wrong.....

Thanks for setting us all straight random Redditor!

Dinner Plans vs Dinner Reality

Dinner plans for tonight: Stuffed peppers filled with Spanish rice and ground turkey.

Dear NPR Nerds, Dear NPR Nerds,

There is now a ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me’ Activity Book.

Two Things and a OT

Thing 1: Why did nobody tell me about spin pins before?!?! My hair is mid-back length and I was tempted to cut it at my appointment next week because I was getting tired of wearing buns that wouldn’t stay up and a bathroom counter full of bent bobby pins. Now, with spin pins, my buns stay in even while asleep. My hair…

Just in Case You Were Wondering What Flat-Earthers Think of the Eclipse

Philly Voice has an article based on interviews with Flat Earthers and what they think of the eclipse.

How Do You Like Your Scrambled Eggs? How Do You Like Your Scrambled Eggs?

I feel like it has been a while since we had a good old-fashioned food fight here. But, a recent Serious Eats post inspired me....so how do you like your scrambled eggs?

Help Me Pizza

I have a second date tomorrow. :-D He is going to come over to my place and I’m grilling us some pizza. But, now, I need some tried and true fun pizza ideas.

I'm dumb, crushes are dumb, relationships are dumb

I know I keep making the same dumb mistakes over and over. I feel like a deserve a chorus following me around today saying “I told you so!”.....but it still hurts.

InspiroBot InspiroBot

Okay guys, I’m officially obsessed with InspiroBot. I’m beginning to wonder how my boss would feel about me covering my cube walls in his inspiring words of wisdom.

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