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New Year's Eve Symbolism-Forecast Your Year

I know there is kind of the superstition of “how you ring in the New Year is how the next year is going to be. So....what does your next year bring?

Thursday Morning OT

Thank goodness today is my Friday, because the way today is going, I’m not sure I would survive tomorrow!

Dear Bakers of GT, Please Recommend

Today my beloved pizza stone broke in half. I’m still not sure what happened. I pre-heated it in the oven like I always do. It only got up to 550°, which it’s done dozens of times (though I suspect that’s the culprit). All I know is I put my pizza on it, and when I went to take the pizza off, there was a big crack in…

TIL I have been doing sex wrong.....

Thanks for setting us all straight random Redditor!

Dinner Plans vs Dinner Reality

Dinner plans for tonight: Stuffed peppers filled with Spanish rice and ground turkey.

Dear NPR Nerds, Dear NPR Nerds,

There is now a ‘Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me’ Activity Book.

Two Things and a OT

Thing 1: Why did nobody tell me about spin pins before?!?! My hair is mid-back length and I was tempted to cut it at my appointment next week because I was getting tired of wearing buns that wouldn’t stay up and a bathroom counter full of bent bobby pins. Now, with spin pins, my buns stay in even while asleep. My hair…

Just in Case You Were Wondering What Flat-Earthers Think of the Eclipse

Philly Voice has an article based on interviews with Flat Earthers and what they think of the eclipse.

How Do You Like Your Scrambled Eggs? How Do You Like Your Scrambled Eggs?

I feel like it has been a while since we had a good old-fashioned food fight here. But, a recent Serious Eats post inspired me....so how do you like your scrambled eggs?

Help Me Pizza

I have a second date tomorrow. :-D He is going to come over to my place and I’m grilling us some pizza. But, now, I need some tried and true fun pizza ideas.

I'm dumb, crushes are dumb, relationships are dumb

I know I keep making the same dumb mistakes over and over. I feel like a deserve a chorus following me around today saying “I told you so!”.....but it still hurts.

InspiroBot InspiroBot

Okay guys, I’m officially obsessed with InspiroBot. I’m beginning to wonder how my boss would feel about me covering my cube walls in his inspiring words of wisdom.

Since we all could use some good Since we all could use some good

The trailer for Wet Hot American Summer Ten Years Later is out!!!!

Vegan Gluten Free Recipe Ideas

A couple of my co-workers recently organized and presented a very long meeting to help the rest of us with some questions we were having about the work we were doing.

Red Flags or Bad Luck? 

I’m trying to decide if I am dealing with red flags or bad luck here. I stayed talking to Man Friend about a year ago. He worked in the same town I lived in two days a week, but lived about an hour and a half away. Between his work schedule and the fact he had a kid, trying to find time to get together was hard, we…

What I did... What I did...

They say there is a fine line between genius and insanity, and I’m not sure what side my latest project falls on (so far, the consensus is genius).


So I’ll admit tonight I just really wanted to share my deliciously weird meal. Though, I want to hear about yours too, for future ideas especially if even if it’s cake and wine.

I'm tired of thinking about this...and he didn't think

I can’t stop thinking about inappropriate text from my co-worker this weekend telling me he wants to have sex with me.* In one of his follow-up texts, he said something along the lines of “I thought of all the ways this could go wrong, but decided to ask anyway.” No, the asshat just thought of all the ways it would…

Great British Baking Show on Netflix!?!

Why was I not warned there was a new season on Netflix? My heart almost exploded with joy when I saw that! First a new job, and now this....everything is coming up HappyBerry. :-P

Shampoo/Conditioner Recs

My poor hair needs your help! I’m trying to find a good shampoo/conditioner/other hair care that is specifically good for dealing with hair loss.

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