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10/10 would take on a grocery run.

F1 Raft Race

Live on their Facebook page and starting shortly. I see Horner and Boullier...this looks fantastic.


Pole or wall?

Edumacate me, Oppo Edumacate me, Oppo

I picked up a Carrera Go slot car set at the thrift store because I heart F1. I think I’ve just fallen into the deep end of a new hobby/money pit. Also now I need a bigger house. Tell me about slot cars!

Patina Patina

This is daily driven.



Schrodinger’s Nyquil

When your body is both floating and simultaneously made of lead.

I know I've said this before

But holy crap Alex Rossi.

Hartley’s replacement Hartley’s replacement

I’m really curious to see how the Red Bull test goes for Marc and Dani. (Thanks, Honda!)

Of illnesses Of illnesses

This guy has a gallbladder infection and I do NOT have strep. Which means that relief is not imminent and I am in danger of whining to death.

Civic spotting Civic spotting

I like this.

If I say I like your car If I say I like your car

It means I like your car.

Good morning Oppo Good morning Oppo

We got WEC sorted.

WEC fans in US/Canada

So the WEC website is total crap - I’m trying to verify that I need the Motor Trend app plus an on-demand subscription to watch Spa tomorrow. Does that sound right?

Useful Advice Useful Advice

Don’t sit on the imaginary bench.

Help me Oppo, you’re my only hope Help me Oppo, you’re my only hope

I saw this and I know I know what it is but my brain is fried and I have a migraine.

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