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Help Help

This was painful enough when I took the photo but then I accidentally had too much wine with dinner.

Teenage drivers Teenage drivers

This is a sample size of ten, so hardly representative, but:

Before today Before today

I’d never driven a box truck. Just a little bit different than the Abarth...

I am perplexed

When I got back to the airport there was a note on my car mirror with a phone number. The car doesn’t appear to be any more damaged than when I left. The number is a personal cell number of a guy in his late 50s (according to the googleator) and isn’t associated with any fly-by-night hail damage companies or anything.…

I’m not ashamed

Band kids had a show today about an hour (in good weather) from our school. It snowed most of the day though.

Also in case you were curious Also in case you were curious

This is what a Fiat on a flatbed looks like.

I’ve just found out that one of my employees I’ve just found out that one of my employees

Is a catty, passive-aggressive, backstabbing cauldron of evil. This has temporarily given me a massive headache and gotten me in trouble at work, because naturally my supervisors have heard her side of the story but are in no hurry to hear mine.

Festiva sighting! Festiva sighting!

It went much faster than I expected.

We have racing! We have racing!

New tv, new power strip, and another new cable box...that I’m not going to risk hooking up until the race is over. But the fox sports go app on Xbox is working fine! The tv doesn’t fit on the old tv stand and I set this up in a hurry so this room is now a disaster.

Electrical assistance please (houselopnik) Electrical assistance please (houselopnik)

Please explain your answer to me in the simplest way possible, because this is a subject I want to know nothing about yet I need to be responsible here.

Life lesson Life lesson

Don’t buy half of a duplex.

#tbt #tbt

Once upon a time, a very young smobgirl owned a 280ZX and went to a junkyard to get parts.

This made my brain hurt This made my brain hurt

Sorry for the crap photo. I scraped a glacier off the windshield this morning.


(Stickers purposely left off...because I suck at them)

Happy effing new year to you too Happy effing new year to you too

And you better hope I don’t figure out who you are.

Life/pet update Life/pet update

So two days before I left for work training/vacation I found this cat with a mangled foot. The vet thinks she may have been caught in a trap. Miraculously, she did not end up needing it amputated, but she has some severed tendons and four weeks later it still isn’t healed. Lucky she’s cute, because boarding at the vet…

Grand tour 

I guess I usually watch Netflix, which seems to stream just fine. I just started watching the second season of the grand tour and it looks like it was filmed on an early 2000s flip phone. Help? Is there anything I can do to fix anything?

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