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Great American Beer Festival

Any Oppos attending?

Someone in our new building Someone in our new building

Makes way more than I do, and apparently never has to make a Target run on the way home.

DOTS: Puerto Rico edition  DOTS: Puerto Rico edition 

I have more (and better) carspotting photos somewhere but this came from my work camera. Just re-found it so thought I would share.

Day off tomorrow Day off tomorrow

Oppo, I have to have an MRI at 7:45 am tomorrow and I took the day off of work, partly because I have nothing to do and partly because I haaaaaaate needles and I’d like to do something pleasant afterwards (it’s a contrast MRI, so...yuck).


Some thoughts:

Bring your cat to work day Bring your cat to work day

I’m trying to make sure at least one of my cats is sociable with humans besides me, so Ellie comes to work sometimes.

Ok Rossi

Keep it cool buddy.

This is why I hate hiring people This is why I hate hiring people

Had a contractor come out yesterday to help with the floor/heating replacement project. We’re texting discussing floor choices:

Cleaning Conundrum

Ok Oppo. I need to deep clean a concrete floor so I can paint and seal it. The dog keeps peeing in the laundry room, which has a concrete floor (with no drain), drywall walls, and an electric baseboard heater.

I did a thing I did a thing

And I found the keys to my high school car in the process.

This Camry is hideous  This Camry is hideous 

My boss is unbearably rude so I’m sitting outside watching ducks instead of working.

Robert Wickens (Indycar)

I know a few of you guys follow Indycar and already know what’s going on. For those who don’t, there was a giant accident at Pocono on Sunday, and Wickens was helicoptered to a hospital with numerous fractures (both legs or ankles, right arm, thoracic vertebra).

The man has good taste The man has good taste

One of my favorite musicians posted this today. Now I think I’m in love.

Badass F1 drivers Badass F1 drivers

Mark Webber and Brendon Hartley did the Leadville 100 today. I know Mark has done it a couple times before (found out accidentally when I was there spectating once) but so much respect to both of them. Just thinking of that race makes me want to puke.

Went to a car show Went to a car show

Saw some things that are Italian. Took some crappy pics with a potato.

F1 Qualifying F1 Qualifying

Leave Grosjean alone, Ellie.

Denver’s Union Station Denver’s Union Station

End of the line.

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