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Tripawd-ositelock update Tripawd-ositelock update

Ellie is getting spayed on Tuesday and while she’s already being anesthetized the vet wants to amputate her nub-leg. She’s had a lot of trouble with it lately - it almost appears to have exposed bone on the end, but given how much pain she’s in if it’s touched I’m not looking close enough to verify.

Aging parents

Way off topic here:

Better than LEGOs?

Have any of y’all ever ordered from The Block Zone? Because holy crap those sets look amazing.

Life post Life post

Being “management” (team lead? Whatever my position technically is?) as a severe introvert who is detail-oriented rather than big-picture seeing is exhausting.

Wikipedia rabbit hole - Svalbard Wikipedia rabbit hole - Svalbard

Longyearbyen looks like a cute town.

Kind of cool Kind of cool

But kind of creepy.

Houselopnik Houselopnik

If you paint things to the wall (after you’ve screwed them in using a jet engine) you’re an asshole. There was plenty wrong with this house before you factor in the previous owners, but goddamn are they costing me time and money to fix their mistakes.

Girls and cars and LEGOs Girls and cars and LEGOs

I have a bunch of LEGO Speed Champions sets but I usually don’t pay attention to the rest of the catalog. I saw these two sets as I was flipping through it today and I’m pretty impressed. They’re more pink than I would’ve gone for, even as a little girl, but they’re cool nonetheless.

RIP in pieces, old friend RIP in pieces, old friend

Together we visited at least ten states. We camped in Moab, Yellowstone, Theodore Roosevelt National Grasslands, Uncompaghre National Forest, and many Wyoming state parks. We visited Arches, the Badlands (of South AND North Dakota), Wall Drug, and the Unser Museum in Albuquerque.

Went for a drive today Went for a drive today

Little late for fall colors but a fun few hours nonetheless.

Bad haircuts Bad haircuts

I decided to try a salon near my office instead of driving 45 minutes to the stylist I usually see.

Alright F1 fans

Let’s have our chat here.


A bathtub with wheels!

I’m toast

And think I might starve to death because I’m too sore and tired to figure out how to feed myself.

Great American Beer Festival

Any Oppos attending?

Someone in our new building Someone in our new building

Makes way more than I do, and apparently never has to make a Target run on the way home.

DOTS: Puerto Rico edition  DOTS: Puerto Rico edition 

I have more (and better) carspotting photos somewhere but this came from my work camera. Just re-found it so thought I would share.

Day off tomorrow Day off tomorrow

Oppo, I have to have an MRI at 7:45 am tomorrow and I took the day off of work, partly because I have nothing to do and partly because I haaaaaaate needles and I’d like to do something pleasant afterwards (it’s a contrast MRI, so...yuck).

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