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R.I.P Burt Reynolds R.I.P Burt Reynolds

He died of cardiac arrest. He was 82.

Handmaids Tale's Season Finale Spoiler-free thoughts.

What the fuck, June? What the fuckity fuck. Seriously what in the hell? Fuuuuuuuuck. I don’t know if I will watch season 3 after that. I’m still gonna watch season 3, I guess. Fuck off.

Sharp Objects

Has anyone else watched the first episode of Sharp Objects? I was able to watch it last night. It’s a murder mystery set in a small town in Tennessee. Amy Adams plays a journalist with a drinking problem who gets sent to her hometown to write an article about how the town is dealing with the murders of two young girls.

Rip Koko The Gorilla

Your old girl Koko has slipped through the veil and now is in the great montane forests in the sky. She was 46.

Youtube Channel Questions. 

I’m thinking about making a youtube channel. Right not I’m just trying to conceptualize it. So I thought I would ask y’all a few questions.

Thinking about Decorating my bedroom. 

I kind of want to paint long thick diagonal strips of pink and white starting from my ceiling to the wall where my bed is. I also want the opposite to have a stick on floral wallpaper. I don’t know does this sound too crazy or weird?

Youtube Videos

I’m thinking about starting a youtube channel. If I did it probably wouldn’t be for a while. I guess I’m wondering how best to structure a youtube channel.

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