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Are you a Panther that's pink? Are you a Panther that's pink?

It had to happen! There’s a quiz to gauge which Black Panther character fits your demenour. In fact there’s two, so you can get a second opinion.

Bringing the owls to book Bringing the owls to book

Almost slipped by, but Radio 4's Book of the Week is Owl Sense by Miriam Darlington. All five episodes are on iPlayer where Teresa Gallagher reads this tome delving into lore and habits of these feathered friends.

Love stories in pictures Love stories in pictures

Time was it was Valentine’s Day every week. And would be suitors sent camels to win the heart of a young maiden. Amalgamated Press tugged at the heart strings with Valentine, a comic paper that mixed tales of young love with pop fandom for 17 years and 927 issues. It inspired DC Thomson to create a rival in the form…

A brief history of the Avengers Girls A brief history of the Avengers Girls

Slight re-fry, but Kristinbytes reminded me that for a large chunk of the show, The Avengers followed an arrangement where professional spy John Steed recruited an assortment of highly-skilled individuals who were otherwise amateur investigators (and yes, I include Venus Smith in that). He would drop them in the…

What a tangled web we weave What a tangled web we weave

When the credits rolled on The Enemy of the World, viewers got a glimpse of The Doctor, as played by Patrick Troughton, running through dark and creepy spaces. He spoke directly to the audience “Oh it’s you!” and promised more thrills next week with the return of a familiar enemy, The Yeti.

I don't know about art, but ... I don't know about art, but ...

HELP! I need to tap into the wider hive mind if it is still there.

Free snake oil with every copy Free snake oil with every copy

Let’s indulge in a little comic quackery. I just picked up a couple of copies of Beezer, which was a sister comic to DC Thomson’s Topper. In one issue, I was reacquainted with Uncle Dan The Medicine Man - a snake oil salesmen pedaling strange cures and other substances to the Wild West.

A House with a Mouse worth £40,000 A House with a Mouse worth £40,000

A house in the Hebrides has an infestation of mice, but they seem rather grateful according to The Sunday Post and other papers. Around 200 vintage copies of Mickey Mouse Weekly have been found at the home of renowned Gaelic scholar Dr John Lorne Campbell on the island of Canna.

Quack Quiz Quick Quack Quiz Quick

Can you detox and crack this quick quacks quiz about sick and slick fixes old and new? It might get worse before it gets better, but please treat this holistically.

More Four on Four Extra More Four on Four Extra

Almost got away. Doctor Who is back on Saturday night. At least on BBC Radio 4 Extra who have traveled back to the halcyon days when Tom Baker’s interpretation of the renegade Time Lord ruled with Louise Jameson’s noble savage. All we need is Basil Brush, The Generation Game, Starsky & Hutch and Match of the Day to…

Funky monkeys straight from the test tube Funky monkeys straight from the test tube

Forget Dolly the Sheep! Zhong Zhong and Hau Hau are the new clones in town. They are genetically identical female macaques created use the same technique that knitted their woolly predecessor into scientific history.

Bring back anthology comics Bring back anthology comics

Most of the comics I grew up with were anthologies. The Beano, Dandy, Topper, Sparky, Victor, Lion, TV Comic, Valiant, Eagle, etc, all packed in a multitude of characters, laughs and adventures to entertain their audience. Having never grown up and trapped in nostalgia, I miss the days when it was possible to buy a…

Menai the turtle has died Menai the turtle has died

Bummer! Menai the turtle has died in Gran Canaria. The rare Olive Ridley sea turtle somehow crossed 8.000 miles from the South Atlantic ocean to wash up in Wales. She was found on Tan-Y-Foel beach in November 2016 and tugged at heartstrings as she was cared for at Anglesey Sea Zoo.

The man who was Austin Powers The man who was Austin Powers

Or maybe Rick Castle. Peter Wyngarde whose stand out role was the lugubrious dandy author Jason King from Department S has died in London, aged 90.

Ecky Thump frees man from freezer of doom

A Devon butcher has used the ancient Yorkshire martial art of Ecky Thump to free himself from an icy tomb. Stuck in a walk in freezer, Chris McCabe whacked the door with a stick of black pudding (from Scotland).

A super salacious scandalous selection of Spatula News A super salacious scandalous selection of Spatula News

Spatulas are sexy! Spatulas rule the world. Maybe they deserve their own magazine? Does this have legs, or at least arms like spatulas? These terrible tools can make our planet a better place or destroy it.

Farewell to Jim Baikie - the man who gave Skizz life Farewell to Jim Baikie - the man who gave Skizz life

The Eisner award winning Scottish artist who drew Skizz passed away on December 29, aged 77. If you haven’t read Alan Moore’s mash-up of Boys from the Blackstuff and ET, go and find a copy. The Birmingham based tale of an alien stranded on Earth is a special comic.

The same procedure as last year?

Apparently for the last 50-plus years, everyone in Germany has stopped whatever they were doing in the way of New Year celebrations to watch this comedy sketch, Dinner for One, staring Freddie Frinton and May Warden.

Dog Day Afternoons ahead Dog Day Afternoons ahead

Remember that giant chicken? Still a way to go - 16 February, 2018 in fact - but Taiyuan in China are preparing for the Year of The Red Fire Chicken to burn itself out. They are getting ready of the Lunar New Year with a mascot that trumps all others. The cover is off #TrumpDog in time for the Year of the Brown Earth…

Radio Round-Up Radio Round-Up

Prince Harry’s interview with Barrack Obama on the evils of social media and his dad on the perils of climate change have gone down well this side of the pond. Harry, as you may have heard, was Guest Editor of The Today Programme on BBC Radio 4, which is an early morning news and current affairs programme much beloved…

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