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The Limehouse Golem The Limehouse Golem

Must be slipping because I didn’t see it coming until the end. Twists abound. Just been watching The Limehouse Golem, a gore blimey guv recreation of Victorian London based on Peter Ackroyd’s novel Dan Leno and The Limehouse Golem (which is sitting in a pile of books that I really should read).

Bits and bobs, borrowed and blue Bits and bobs, borrowed and blue

So yesterday my plan was to be a curmudgeon and push off out and do other things. Instead I became a terrible couch potato and watched the Duke and Duchess of Sussex get married through the carriage ride, then switched over to CNN for their fuzzy soft focus imagery. Their anchor looks remarkably like Paul O’Grady, but…

Scales are tipped against the Pangolin  Scales are tipped against the Pangolin 

Honey Bun the Pangolin is the unlikely star of the latest episode of Natural World which throws a spotlight on The World’s Most Wanted Animal. Sir David Attenborough narrates this documentary about these cutest of creatures, much misunderstood and under peril from the greatest of predators, mankind.

What a tangled fish net we cast What a tangled fish net we cast

I’ve got a bit of red snapper in the oven, doused in oil, sprinkled with salt and pepper, a squirt of lemon juice, and a splash of Maggie’s Green Chilli Sauce. It’s going on the plate with some Basmati and wild rice, coleslaw, corn and peas. (At least I did when I originally started writing this last week.)

Turn of the Wheel Turn of the Wheel

The fifth season of Doctor Who marked a special time. It introduced some iconic monsters, menacing moods, classic concepts and the sonic screwdriver. We had political intrigue, would-be world rulers and ecological horror. Somehow this white heat of innovation doesn’t quite come together in the final serial. Still fun…

Gee! I wish I was a real astronaut like you! Gee! I wish I was a real astronaut like you!

Amazing what tuns up on Forces TV. It has become home to all kinds of weird and wonderful re-runs. This includes the eleventh episode of I Dream of Jeannie from 1965 which posits the question Whatever Happened To Baby Custer? 

Happy Birthday Starlord Happy Birthday Starlord

Forty years and one week ago, an amazing science fiction themed comic landed on newsagent counters. It had some compelling features, some of which are still running today, crisp paper and jazzy painted artwork. This was Starlord.

Quick draw for Dredd-full art contest Quick draw for Dredd-full art contest

Rebellion’s 2000ad have launched an ongoing art contest centered around their long running pin-up feature. They might need to replace the sub-circuits on the editorial droids, but in the meantime they want art full of Dredd.

Lost in the lists of time Lost in the lists of time

A few bits and pieces that have tickled my fancy. I want to see a vending machine with live crabs in it.

The Perils of Penelope's pitstop The Perils of Penelope's pitstop

Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward (Rosamund Pike) made a pitstop in the world of wacky races in this morning’s episode of Thunderbirs Are Go. Titled Rally Raid, this installment (Season 3, Episode 7), dedicated to the memory of Sylvia Anderson, saw Penny recruit racing driver Jensen Hunt (Ben Bailey Smith) to drive FAB1…

Eggsceptional garden Eggsceptional garden

Just watching Gardeners’ World ahead of the final season of The Bridge. Monty Don and his greenfingered gang included a report from The RHS Malvern Flower Show which included a spot on this garden in an egg.

Maya Angelou autobiographies dramatised on Radio 4 Maya Angelou autobiographies dramatised on Radio 4

BBC Radio 4 will broadcast dramatisations of six of Maya Angelou’s extraordinary autobiographies over 2018 and into 2019 in what would have been her 90th birthday year. The dramas will also be available online.

Listed buildings Listed buildings

A couple of weeks back I took a walk up hill and stumbled across a marvelous house, essentially a wood cabin. Except that doesn’t do it justice, it was a bit more elaborate than a two up, two down. Envious, although that feeling might dim if I had to trot up there in torrential rain - and walking down in the recent…

And he calls himself Scotch (sic) And he calls himself Scotch (sic)

This is sacrilege! We know he’s a fanny, but his desire to piss people off knows no bounds. Donald Trump has banned Irn-Bru from his golfing resort in Scotland. Is it because it’s made from girders that aren’t American? Apparently he doesn’t like orange coloured stains on the sheets.

Wedding quiz Wedding quiz

Only ten days to go. If Eurovision doesn’t spark world war three, Harry and Meghan are getting married on May 19th. BBC Three have put to together a little quiz on how to behave.

K-9 lives again! K-9 lives again!

A Dundee electronics student has restored the original K-9, adding in a few 21st upgrades. Computing science student Gary Taylor has rebuilt the original shell into an “autonomous obstacle-avoiding mapping robot” controlled from his smartphone. The project became a labour of love after he found the mechanical pooch…

A little list of stuff wot I've seen

Just a wafer thin mint to get you going. Like lists? This has loads of them.

Fantasy soundtracks are top of the pops Fantasy soundtracks are top of the pops

Fancy that! Fantasy soundtracks are dominating the Classic FM Top Thirty. And guess what pop pickers, in the top spot is Murray Gold’s soundtrack for season nine of Doctor Who (which doesn’t seem to include the variants of the the Ron Grainer theme used for those episodes).

What's the 'U' in CLUB sandwich? What's the 'U' in CLUB sandwich?

This is what I am watching on television. Peter Kay’s Car Share returned tonight with an improvised episode which asks a deep philosophical question. So sandwich fans, think BLT - bacon, lettuce and tomato - Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) wants to know what’s the ‘U’ in a CLUB sandwich?

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