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In third place and winner of this one of kind, never-before-been-seen piece of bellybutton lint shaped like Barbaro (the Cheeto, not the horse) is OldBeigeGuy with 474 recs.


Greetings and salutations. How has the contest gone? I haven’t been following, save for enjoying that dumbass marmol heater comment on the WYTS chief post. Will that be enough to put him over the top? Will Milo sneak up behind him with a whopper? Why does Milo like Burger King? Who knows???


Hello again, my friends. IT’S REC CONTEST TIME.

Hey Sugar

"Hi there, welcome back, Sugar! Hard to believe it's been six months. How have you been? Good? I thought so.


Tom Izzo: "You're going to be asked questions about this. The media are on it. Now, I'm sure many of you have strong opinions about this law. That's fine and I respect those opinions, but do not say anything that could be a distraction to our team or you'll hear from me."

Why Not

When I was a kid, Mom sent me to basketball camp for a week during the summer. A sleep away camp on a mountain in Virginia, it was run by the local college. Coaches and players from colleges and high schools would come help with instruction and offer legitimacy to the whole operation. A few "legends" would come out…

Just stop Just stop

Staring upward, my confidence half-ing. So debonair, it's just right. No gaffing. I broke out the knuckle. You let out a small chuckle. My dear, why are you laughing?

Counterpoint: Mock Drafts Do Not Kill People

"That mock draft hurt my vertical."

Malcolm Brogdon is the Most College Basketball Malcolm Brogdon is the Most College Basketball

This is Malcolm Brogdon, redshirt junior guard for (my squad) the Virginia Cavaliers.

freezer burn part 2

Kristoff was drunk. Filthy. Stinking. Drunk.

Make all your funny comments here Make all your funny comments here

Do you have a funny comment? Would you like to make it but the post is closed? Put it below. Don't worry about what post it was from. The fun part will be guessing which post it is supposed to go to!

freezer burn part 1

Elsa sat quietly, drumming her fingers. Waiting.

Candyspin Candyspin

Friday puzzle time! Guess your favorite NBA player-candy mash-up! All players are active unless otherwise stated.

A Philosophical Shift Drives UVa's Offense A Philosophical Shift Drives UVa's Offense

Much of the ballyhooed press following Virginia's beatdown of Syracuse has focused on the Tony Bennett narrative: his demeanor, his relationship with Joe Harris, his success in places he shouldn't have success. So many writers focused on introducing Virginia and Tony Bennett to a national audience - who are these guys…

Open Post: The Bestest Comments of 2013 Open Post: The Bestest Comments of 2013

I am lazy as shit. I like reading the funny comments you all make.

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