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Old cars doing old car things

I was warned, I didn’t listen, and now I just live with my mistake of daily driving a 22 year old german car with no backup plan.

Thoughts on the Monza SP1 Thoughts on the Monza SP1

Mazda still did it better.

What is the most Jalop 911? What is the most Jalop 911?

I’m looking at pricing on new 911s, which leads me to question what the “Most Jalop” and “Most Oppo” 911 is. Jalop, being slightly more mainstream, would probably go the the 911 Carrera T. Oppo, being broke, would probably go to the cheapest, the base 911 Carrera.

Walking into work

Right side of the staircase, my territory. Underclassman girl, on her phone, earbuds in, walking towards me, going upstairs. Left arm swinging wildly. As the gap between us closes, I move to the extreme right to avoid her. Her path skews to her left, towards me. Arm still flailing about. She has yet to see me. Five…


When I walked by again five minutes later, it was gone.

Cameros, Ranked Cameros, Ranked

Ranked in order:

DOTS: Malaise Returning to the Earth DOTS: Malaise Returning to the Earth

Pretty sure this car has yet to move in at least the last two years. It’s on a street of University owned houses, so I figured it was abandoned, but the registration is still good until April. 

DITPL: Turbo Brick DITPL: Turbo Brick

Nice 850 Turbo. Not a huge fan of the wheels, though. 

Carspotting: Olds Silhoutte Carspotting: Olds Silhoutte

And a Joop. Enjoy your Saturday!

DITPL: Geo Edition DITPL: Geo Edition

Geo Prizm LSi in immaculate shape. 

DITPL: Kappa DITPL: Kappa

I may have taken this picture while there was heavy foot traffic behind me. I also may have aroused suspicions when I confirmed by looking in the window that yes, this had a stick shift.

DOTS: The Ugly One DOTS: The Ugly One

“Yeah, it’s got a Hemi."

Bold of you Bold of you

...to lead with a picture of your car at the scene of a wreck.

Labor Day Hangover Labor Day Hangover

Shoegaze for your morning. College is stupid. 

Why do I want this Why do I want this

Like, the Festiva/Aspire is a laughably terrible car. This one especially. And yet... I want one. BMW wheels, too.

"It's a jeep thing" "It's a jeep thing"

That Mk4 parked in front of my house. Kids at this school cannot park. 

GTC means it's a racecar, right? GTC means it's a racecar, right?

I kind of really like those wheels though. 

Cleanest Mk4 Ever Cleanest Mk4 Ever

Seriously, I did a walk around. No rust. Looks almost dead on my brother’s old one, but it has a sunroof and doesn’t have steelies. I also saw an Accord with popup headlights today, but was too slow to get a pic. 

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