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I'm so sorry Mr. Toomey  I'm so sorry Mr. Toomey 

I’m sorry I couldn’t have done more for you in your final days. I’m sorry you were so fearful of other things and people besides me. I’m sorry for whatever happened to you before you came to me.

Mr. Toomey and I are stressed (update)

I woke up this morning to crazy yowling and screeching. Mr. T saw a stray cat on the patio and had a very adverse reaction. Then I came in and he transferred all that aggression to me, hissing, spitting, crapping all over. I managed to get him into my bathroom, but not before he turned my right hand into raw meat…

I would like a do-over for today

I missed a meeting at work. I don’t think I’ve ever done that. Pretty easy to do when all your meetings now are video. My calendar didn’t send me the usual reminder, and it was uncharacteristically canceled and rescheduled for the same time (I think that had something to do with why I didn’t get a reminder, even…

So this also happened today

Thoughts? Does anyone have any optimism left, or is this just 2 1/2 yrs ago delayed?

KINJA! Does anyone get this? KINJA! Does anyone get this?

I am receiving this error with increasing frequency. It used to just be on posts heavy with pictures or video, especially on the Muse for some reason. But it is creeping onto other parts of the kinjaverse. I just got it on the Jez post about men taking wives’ last names after marriage, which is a pretty short article…

WELL. That could have been worse.

Though I’m not sure how. Maybe if someone had died in the process.

Guess who's getting a haircut this weekend!! Guess who's getting a haircut this weekend!!

This guy. I’ve been on the fence for months about getting him a cut (because, honestly, I think they look silly). I knew he needed to be groomed in some capacity because he’s got some matting. But it just finally got warm here this week and he seemed like he couldn’t get comfortable last night. I’m not turning the a/c…

Mr. Toomey learns

Mr. Toomey has been doing so much better in his behavior that I canceled the behaviorist appointment I had last month. The biting is basically how he plays, and whether I get hurt is entirely up to me at this point. The only behavior of questionable origin/intent is his furniture licking. And the frequency is way down…

Badass woman of history  Badass woman of history 

A short video on Henrietta Smith Bowers Duterte, first woman and first black woman to own a funeral home in America. She took over after her husband, helped free slaves in coffins, and worked right up until her death (probably not unusual for the times, but I still say badass). I didn’t know about her, and in case you…

I'm annoyed and I need to vent

I realize this vent is coming from a place of privilege, but it is also one of those situations where you get used to something and then that thing is just gone with no warning.

Shutting off brain

Does anyone have a remedy for when your brain insists on reliving an embarrassing moment? I said something awkward and uncharacteristic last week, no idea why or where it came from, but no one seemed to notice or react. However my brain keeps replaying it. GO AWAY AND SHUT UP.

I am frustrated and ashamed I am frustrated and ashamed

Mr. Toomey and I are still adapting to each other. I have posted a little about some of the issues I’m experiencing since adopting him in November. At first I thought it was aggression, but I think it is how he plays. He was previously adopted and returned (while these people had him, they 4-paw declawed him), their…

Pet Insurance?

Has anyone ever had pet insurance? It is offered thru my work, though I don’t have to get that plan. I got some paperwork on it from a different company when I adopted Mr. Toomey, so that’s why I started looking into it. If something catastrophic were to happen (a la Gus’s kidney disease) I don’t want to have to start…

Happy birthday to me!

Yes, another birthday post. ANOTHER g-ddamn Scorpio. But it is also RuPaul and Danny DeVito’s birthdays, too 😆🎉

Also, Dustin Hoffman

This is the first I’ve heard he’s a creep, so I am admittedly disappointed. He’s always been on my favorites list, but I am not a reliable source of Hollywood gossip. According to the article, it’s NOT the first allegation of bad behavior. And he’s also an equal opportunity shitheel. So yes, ALL men :/

Gus's coloring book 

If anyone would like to order, the artist has extras. Gus is on page 13 :)

Gus Gus

It is with the heaviest of hearts, I must tell you all: Gus has passed. He was my best friend and soul mate for 11 years. There will never be another Gus. I would have done anything to fix him, take the illness away, give him another 20 years with me, but it just wasn’t so. There are no words for my despair. My home…

Gus Gus

Gus had a check-up Monday, and I got the results from the vet today. Gus is severely anemic. While his kidney panel was stable, his red blood count was so low, the vet thinks he has something else going on (cancer, bone marrow disease, etc) and originally proposed a transfusion. However, he decided it was not in Gus’s…

I am on a fool's errand  I am on a fool's errand 

I bought a lamp from Harriet Carter (yes, the catalog you don’t want but they send you anyway full of odds and ends that make you think “who buys this?! Oh, I kinda want that”).

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