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I am frustrated and ashamed I am frustrated and ashamed

Mr. Toomey and I are still adapting to each other. I have posted a little about some of the issues I’m experiencing since adopting him in November. At first I thought it was aggression, but I think it is how he plays. He was previously adopted and returned (while these people had him, they 4-paw declawed him), their…

Pet Insurance?

Has anyone ever had pet insurance? It is offered thru my work, though I don’t have to get that plan. I got some paperwork on it from a different company when I adopted Mr. Toomey, so that’s why I started looking into it. If something catastrophic were to happen (a la Gus’s kidney disease) I don’t want to have to start…

Happy birthday to me!

Yes, another birthday post. ANOTHER g-ddamn Scorpio. But it is also RuPaul and Danny DeVito’s birthdays, too 😆🎉

Also, Dustin Hoffman

This is the first I’ve heard he’s a creep, so I am admittedly disappointed. He’s always been on my favorites list, but I am not a reliable source of Hollywood gossip. According to the article, it’s NOT the first allegation of bad behavior. And he’s also an equal opportunity shitheel. So yes, ALL men :/

Gus's coloring book 

If anyone would like to order, the artist has extras. Gus is on page 13 :)

Gus Gus

It is with the heaviest of hearts, I must tell you all: Gus has passed. He was my best friend and soul mate for 11 years. There will never be another Gus. I would have done anything to fix him, take the illness away, give him another 20 years with me, but it just wasn’t so. There are no words for my despair. My home…

Gus Gus

Gus had a check-up Monday, and I got the results from the vet today. Gus is severely anemic. While his kidney panel was stable, his red blood count was so low, the vet thinks he has something else going on (cancer, bone marrow disease, etc) and originally proposed a transfusion. However, he decided it was not in Gus’s…

I am on a fool's errand  I am on a fool's errand 

I bought a lamp from Harriet Carter (yes, the catalog you don’t want but they send you anyway full of odds and ends that make you think “who buys this?! Oh, I kinda want that”).

Gupdate Gupdate

I not only lodged an official complaint against doctor Jerk from Monday, but I saw the head of the practice who came in on his day off. (Also Dr. Jerk is a relief vet, not permanent staff. I still requested to never see him again). Head vet said he would speak to everyone, but the jerk specifically. They were…

I am losing my mind. (Updated) I am losing my mind. (Updated)

I just spent 40 min on the phone with Verizon because my cellphone was disconnected from the wifi. Every other device was fine. The cable was working (which is why comcast wasn’t my first call, though turn out they should have been). I go to bed, everything works. I wake up, phone has no wifi. I swear I’m one of those…

Gus Update Gus Update

Hi everyone. I wish I had better news. No one wishes this more than me. I got results back from the vet last Friday evening. All the test results declined from last time. Part of me already knew this since Gus has lost some weight and is so tiny and bony right now. He mostly just sleeps and uses the litter box (he…

Birthday Spankings?! (from Prudie)

The most recent Dear Prudence has a question from a person who joked about giving a friend’s daughter a birthday spanking at her party. The person was kicked out and ostracized on social media for being a pervy weirdo as apparently the parents and friend circle had never heard of this tradition.

Gus Update Gus Update

Gus went to the vet last weekend to check on his ear infection and run a kidney panel. The ear infection is gone, but his kidney disease has progressed. He was diagnosed almost one year ago and has been on the Rx kidney food since. However the situation is progressive (no cure). We can only hope to maintain good…

Administration removes animal abuse info from USDA site Administration removes animal abuse info from USDA site

This info was used to track breeders and other people licensed to sell animals, animal laboratories, and universities that use animals in studies. This story was on Rachel Maddow 2/7 and 2/8. Last night they had an update that someone had already downloaded all the info and was reposting on their site, though I was…

Neil Gorsuch nominated to SCOTUS

“I don’t know her” so I went to the googles

"Your threat model just changed." "Your threat model just changed."

This is a full page ad in January’s Wired. I was wondering how or if they’d respond after the election, considering the November issue was guest edited by Obama and very hope-and-dreamy.

Gus Scarf!

If anyone is interested in a silk scarf with Gus on it (and, oh, about 80 other cats of Instagram), the artist is selling the extras.

Article from Gizmodo re: women's health

I know a lot of us here don’t go to Gizmodo main page because the commentary there can be a little meh. But I though this was an important article to share. It’ll probably end up crossposted to Jez anyway :)

I think Condé Nast is trolling me

I have been trying to get rid of Vanity Fair and Bon Appétit for months. I’ve written about it before. They were gift subscriptions I think. I don’t even remember anymore, because I am battle weary. It shouldn’t be this hard to stop getting something you don’t want and never asked for. I have contacted them numerous…

Haven't had a day this shitty in a while!

I got home from work to find my nail polish rack had crashed to the floor spilling bottles everywhere. In my previous residence, I had it up with Command strips with no problem. I guess they use a different kind of paint in my new apartment. And one bottle broke. Since it was already dry, and I had no idea what to do…

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