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Bunday Evening Open Thread Bunday Evening Open Thread

Where the hell is everybody? Busy bingeing Sharknado movies ahead of the “final” one tonight? Cuz it’s awfully quiet around here. But fear not! Our awful week of Mondays is over.... well, sortof.... tomorrow’s still Monday. But at least the kids are going back to school during the day!

Caturday Evening Open Thread

The world tried to get me to accomplish things today, but I wasn’t having it. What’d you do?

Caturday Morning Open Thread

It’s the weekend.... or is it??? Monday Week rolls on. Any big plans for the weekend?

Friday Evening Open Thread Friday Evening Open Thread

Kinja continues to suck in new and interesting ways as befitting our Week of Mondays. I’m going to do nothing for a while now. What’re you up to tonight?

Good Morning

This is it! End of the week. Think you’re gonna be able to make it through?

Thursday Evening Open Thread

Just one more Monday left in the work week.... gonna make it?

Madonna's 60 Today! No Way in Hell Has it Been 35 Years Since I First Heard "Holiday" and Fell in Love

Kate Bush turned 60 the other day. Robert Plant turns 69 in a few days. How is this happening? And it’s even weirder that for most of the 80's she, Prince, and Michael Jackson ruled pop culture, but now she’s the only one left. What’s your favourite song/moment of hers?

Wednesday Evening Open Thread Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Halfway through Monday Week..... other than it being really fucking hot out, how’s it going?

Tuesday Evening Open Thread

So how was your Tuesday-Monday combo platter today?

Tuesday Morning Open Thread

Tuesday on Mondays Week sounds like a recipe for disaster. Be careful out there.

Monday Evening Open Thread

So was your day at least as exciting as this?

Monday Morning Open Thread

6 o’clock already, I was just in the middle of a dream........ Fuck Mondays, but it’s time to get back to work. Are you ready?

Bunday Evening Open Thread Bunday Evening Open Thread

That’s the end of Camping Week. All ready to get back to work tomorrow?

A Certain Kind of Love

Watch this new short 3 minute animated adaptation of Glenda Elliott’s true story from StoryCorps on PBS. No. Really. Do it now.

Caturday Evening Open Thread Caturday Evening Open Thread

You can order your specialty kitten camping gear here. What else you got going on today?

Camping With Cats Camping With Cats

It’s Caturday and our theme of the week is Camping, so here’s a post combing both! Cats love adventuring as much as anyone after all.

Caturday Morning Open Thread Caturday Morning Open Thread

Got any big adventures planned for the weekend like these two Canadian camping cat brothers, Bolt and Keel, probably do?

Good Morning Good Morning

Wake up, Campers! It’s finally Friday, and I’m flying the hell out of here. What do you have planned today?

Thursday Evening Open Thread Thursday Evening Open Thread

Only one day left this week. How ya feeling?

Wednesday Evening Open Thread Wednesday Evening Open Thread

Today sucked, but at least I only have a day and half left here. Plus it was hot a shit and still feels like we’re a looooong way from Winter. What’s up with you?

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