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Ka-chow Ka-chow

I think profile-wise the Solstice is pretty darn close to Mr. McQueen there.

Bought on the request of Tom Wilson himself Bought on the request of Tom Wilson himself

Just gotta get him to sign this one too.

Automotive archaeology Automotive archaeology

While checking out a used car yesterday, I found this guy stuck behind the seat. Any of you guys know anything about it? I checked eBay and they go for about $8

Halloween Contest Halloween Contest

Because what’s spookier than the Grave Digger?


How come no major 1/64 manufacturer has ever made a version of this? How come no major 1/64 manufacturer has ever made a version of this?

Sure, HW made a dually and the “race truck” and Matchbox has its obviously smaller than 1/64 lifted version, but why has no one made a regular civilian version?

Quick customization tip Quick customization tip

Just stumbled across this the other day. I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make roll bars, cages, and exhaust pipes without soldering as my soldering skills are, well, crap. For those who don’t know, I’m a mechanic. I’m around aerosol cans of WD-40, Brake clean, silicone spray, etc. They all come with these red…

Quick post Quick post

Just a two year old and the 1989 TNT champion.

More finds More finds

Three Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) from McDonald’s.

Stomper Sunday Stomper Sunday

Just found these guys. All McDonald’s Stompers.


The original monster truck, Bigfoot. I made this from an old Hot Wheels Bigfoot Champions toy I’ve had (and used, and abused) and some Monster Jam wheels and tires. To go along with my Grave Digger #2, I made it in the style of Bigfoot #4 from 1990. From 1988 to 1990, there was the TNT points championship where all…

Trying to restore my headlights Chrisfix style  Trying to restore my headlights Chrisfix style 

Went from 320 grit wet sanding (they were out of 400) to 600, to 2000, cleaned up with some alcohol, and then three coats of clear coat. It’s orange peeling a bit now, but we’ll see if a little polishing will clean that up tomorrow after it sits for 24 hours. I’m already happy with how it looks as opposed to how it…

Well, shit. Well, shit.

Just did the first oil change on the wife’s Trans Am since we bought it and I was greeted by this. Still runs normally. Seems to have a small skip to it though. Time to drop the oil pan, upgrade the rocker trunnions, and cross my fingers.

Who says cars can't bring people together? Who says cars can't bring people together?

Yesterday, I married my best friend, and the most awesome fellow gearhead I know. Recently, we acquired the ‘98 Trans Am you see here for her. It’s got 34k, heads, cam, long tube headers, full exhaust, hardened axle shafts, 3400 stall converter, and a dyno tune to 400 RWHP. She had the idea we take some wedding pics…

Help me LaLD Help me LaLD

Due to reasons, I’m looking for a 4th gen Trans Am in 1/64. Anyone know where I can find one in black with T-tops(or at least simulated)?


Made from a few old Monster Jam trucks, a couple of Road Champs monster truck wheels and tires, and some paper clips for the grille, I give you Grave Digger #2

Soaring Saturday Soaring Saturday

I can see my house from here.

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