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Not what I was looking for but interesting nonetheless.

Keep Oppo chill Keep Oppo chill

With an awesome song

Couch Gag Couch Gag

Seriously this one is really good

Harvest Time  Harvest Time 

As you may have guessed this is another one of those posts from me where I break up the the usual with something a bit different. So, let’s get the show on the road.

My Thoughts  On... My Thoughts  On...

The VW diesel fiasco.

Here it is Here it is

The blue console.

Titan Thursday Titan Thursday

In honor of T-something Thirsday I present the Terex Titan. People and weird car thing for scale. It was built by General Motors in the early 70’s. Powertrain wise it is basically one of GM’s locomotives. 170L 2-stroke diesel driving a generator sending power to the motors in the wheels.

Colorado News Colorado News

It’s about the truck not the state of course. I went to the MN State Fair and I decided to check out the Chevy display. To my surprise they had a final prototype of the Colorado diesel on display so I talked to a sales rep for details. It will be out as a 2016 1/2. The pricing would be roughly $3500 more for the…

One More Round of 80's

Keep The 80's Music Going

If you don’t know this one, you’ve been living under a stump

And now for your moment of random.  And now for your moment of random. 

While driving through Wisconsin I noticed a something.

Live and Let Model + Mini Haul Live and Let Model + Mini Haul

Well, I’ve done it again, I’ve completed another model and this was a fun one. I don’t normally do cars, but this kit was too cool to pass up. It is a custom 49 Mercury. The kit many special parts to really make it your own.

For Those Interested

This weekend there is a car show at the Minnesota State Fair grounds. The car selection is a little bit of everything (mostly muscle cars, dont expect supercars). It is a relatively large event with other attractions such as Auto X, Burnout competition and more…

Fourza Fourza

Anyone interested in some Fourza tonight? Message Kampfmesser.

Another livery post Another livery post

Usually my liveries are terrible, but I like this one.

Girls and Cars (NSFW-ish?) Girls and Cars (NSFW-ish?)

I’ll throw up the NSFW because, well, maybe it is by definition. No one is naked though.

Probably NSFW Probably NSFW

One more Germany post this morning. German engine porn (which is probably a real and disturbing thing)

I am back from Germany, so of course I come back with die-cast. I mostly bought Siku models as they are easy to find and affordable.

I Have Returned I Have Returned

With mixed emotions I am back in the US. I’m mixed because Germany was just so awesome, part of me wishes I could stay in fact. So what do I want to share? Pictures from Munich, my visit to BMW in particular.

Meanwhile... Meanwhile...

In Frankfurt you can play with trains while you wait for your train.

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