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Happy Friday Open Thread Happy Friday Open Thread

Comic book ads always delivered the goods. For a few bucks (+postage and handling), these products changed my life.

Goop Morning Goop Morning

This is the OT. OT away.

Quacky Friday OT Quacky Friday OT

Good morning. Everyone has an old Orgone Accumulator they no longer use. We’ve repurposed ours into a timeout closet where you can “think about what you’ve done!” Also a great place to hide when guests come over.

Friday Morning Open Thread Friday Morning Open Thread

The weekend is near. Plot your escape carefully.

Happy Thursday OT

Time to rise and shine.

Good Morning, Lovely People

I hope you’re all still enjoying your break, but if you’re back at the job...

From the Department of Magical Thinking: Your Favorite Deceased Author, Filmmaker, Singer, or Artist Faked Their Death... From the Department of Magical Thinking: Your Favorite Deceased Author, Filmmaker, Singer, or Artist Faked Their Death...

... and secretly produced a massive body of work that has recently been unearthed. Whose work are you dying to see? Which unfinished works would you like to see completed?

Good Morning

Say something positive about 2017 in the OT. Have a terrific one, people.

Pop Quiz! on Thursday*! Surprise, Grinches!

1. “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” was performed by which improbably named singer in the 1966 cartoon How the Grinch Stole Christmas! ?

Pop Quiz!

Hey! It’s your semi-regular weekly quiz. This will count as a quarter of your final grade. The topic this week is HOLIDAY DRINKS.

FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY! an open thread FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY! an open thread

Hello, weekend. I’m disappointed that Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story isn’t showing nearby. Oh, well. More time to drink.

Good Morning. TZ(eus)IF Open Thread Good Morning. TZ(eus)IF Open Thread

What time is it? It’s Schopenauer’s Shoppin’ Hour!

Thursday OT

JK! Happy Friday, everyone! After tomorrow I can relax for a minute. How are you doing?

Pop Quiz!

Get your #2 pencils ready. The subject is TIME TRAVEL. You have ten minutes. GO!

Good Morning, Evening, Whatever... Good Morning, Evening, Whatever...

Happy Monday in November. It’s been raining here, though it snowed a few days prior.

Good Evening Good Evening

Low 30s this morning, low 30s now. How’s your day been?

Just exactly how old are you, son?

Old enough to remember this from Electric Company. At least as a rerun, probably in’75. Originally from 1972:

FRIDAY! OPEN! THREAD! GOOD! MORNING! Childhood Phobias Edition

I miss the days when unrealistic fears outweighed real-world ones.

Wednesday Evening OT

Hello, all. The last week has been a bit much. I’m trying to be good, but... yeah, I’m having big feelings and bad thoughts.

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