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Trudeau's Take on "Free-Speech Fanaticism" 

Now that the "je suis Charlie" fervor has died down a bit, I think it's fitting to look back and reflect on the larger issue of free speech and whether anything goes is really the best way to communicate critical views.

Anti-Vaxxers in U.S. Acting a Fool

Despite measles being declared eradicated in the U.S. in 2000, anti-vaxxers have decided to push back against science and common sense in the midst of a serious outbreak.

Almost Black but Completely Wack

The supposed brother of Mindy Kaling, Vijay, pretended to be black to get into medical school because he couldn't get accepted otherwise. He dropped out after two years but has decided to write a book about his experiment and the "evils" of reverse racism against whites and Asians in admissions.

Climate change denying scientist funded by fossil fuel industry

Surprise, surprise! He's been caught sucking Koch dollars (among others). He's an aerospace engineer with no expertise in climate science. Yet, his "science" has been held up by lawmakers and the fossil fuel industry as a legitimate argument against climate change. Shame on the journals who published his work and…

Selma, Secession and BS

According to an anonymous voting Academy member, Selma was just a mediocre movie that wouldn't have merited a second glance if the director had been an old white guy. Oh, and the cast showing up to the NY premiere in "I can't breathe" shirts was just sooo tacky. The videotaped choking of an unarmed black man selling…