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Thank you, young women Thank you, young women

I’m a solidly middle~aged woman. I was a young woman once.

What's Cookin'? What's Cookin'?

Or where are you going to eat today? Any good take~out? Any great or disastrous food memories? Need a recipe? Let’s tawk about it.


  Hey, darlins~

TV Review: Anthology Edition TV Review: Anthology Edition

I usually enjoy David Bianculli’s television reviews but today he buried the lede. From the end of his review:

The ever~loving fuck...

ETA: The picture link disappeared so i tried again....

New Year, same as the Old Year, so.. New Year, same as the Old Year, so..

.. I’m still fucking tired of it all. Maybe you’re not, so give me your optimism :)

Help. Please, help~ Help. Please, help~

My 2015 MacBook Air took a giant shit last week. Merry Shitmas to me! I brought it to the Repair People. The repair invoice was over $500. I declined, after paying a $100 fee just to look at the problem. That is half the price of a new one. I didn’t have an “insurance policy” because it doesn’t ever cover any of the…

Notes from Milo's book editor Notes from Milo's book editor

Milo Y., awful person, received a book deal from Simon & Shuster earlier this year. It was greeted with horror by most reasonable people and caused some authors to cut ties with S&S. S&S ultimately killed the contract, which resulted in a lawsuit.

Fur Face Friday!! Fur Face Friday!!

As we prepare to jingle all the way in to this holiday weekend, let’s start the merriment with your furry, feathery & finny faces!

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

It’s that time of the week again! We here at FFF have been enjoying seeing all the new Fur Faces as well as the old familiar ones. Last week was a perfect mixture.

New Author Gif Slap! New Author Gif Slap!

Initiation times!!! I can feel the imaginary glove slap as I write...Invitation at the bottom. Get busy!

Hey, we were all 14 once~

I was. You were, too.

Thank you, beautiful diamond people~ Thank you, beautiful diamond people~

You answered my questions with your thoughtful recommendations & I took your advice to heart. You killed it & also made me a better person :) Sooo, very lovely & appreciated.

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

There were 2 FFF posts last week, Xyl0c41n3's & KK4Bama’s, so we are merging the floof this week! 2 for the price of 1!

Significant Person appreciation times Significant Person appreciation times

Is it your lover? Your sibling? Your parent? Your friend? A good neighbor? A teacher? A government employee? A call~center person?

Sweet dreams, David~ Sweet dreams, David~

I know, I know...but he was my & my friends first TV boyfriend. 10 year old me was like, “WHOA, who is that? He’s gonna be on my TV every Friday??!!! What is this feeling in my pants?” 4 more years until I understood...

Calling all Parents & Science Peeps! (tricky gift OT) Calling all Parents & Science Peeps! (tricky gift OT)

Hey, I’m a pretty good (anonymous & real life) Auntie but I’m stumped. Me & Mr. 4th plucked a tag off the Salvation Army tree at a restaurant last week. Here’s the actual tag~

Yea, I'm gonna say it~ Yea, I'm gonna say it~

It’s been WAY too long since we’ve had a call for new authors here on Groupthink. Way too long.

Cat People!! I need Catnip advice! (Pet OT) Cat People!! I need Catnip advice! (Pet OT)

I know there is this thing called The Googles but I know you all will have more expedient advice for my question, which is multi~part.

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

Hello! Welcome to your favorite furry place to escape the news! Boy oh boy, do we need it now more than ever.

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