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Fur Face Friday!! (ETA: "pending" is screwed?...) Fur Face Friday!! (ETA: "pending" is screwed?...)

Come in and snuggle today, our friends old & new! (Virtual) cookies & milk for everyone! I nearly perished from cute while picking the snouts from facw’s post last week to feature in this weeks edition. Wooof....ETA continued:

What's Cookin'? (Open thread) What's Cookin'? (Open thread)

Welp, my at least 25 year old Braun food processor went out in a blaze of smokey glory tonight, tripping the breaker on her way. Lucky there was only smoke & no fire. Ooooof, I loved that kitchen machine.

Wheels up at 4pm tomorrow Wheels up at 4pm tomorrow

after work...for a Rolling Home Adventure. So many State Parks & so little time. You’ll be glad to know the dawgs are allowed & coming with us (except for Wally: he’s so loud & needy. He’s camping out with his other people, in a different way.)

I've moved the "Ethics" post ...

to outer space, based on the excellent advice that I ASKED FOR here. Know that I deeply appreciate your help in keeping me from committing a felony & going to jail.

Math problems.... Math problems....

Holy Shit!!! How do you geniuses manage to reconcile your numbers every f***ing day? It took me 2 days to do what you all do in a hot minute. After too many hours, I’m pretty sure I got the Math Problems right in the end.

9 pound Stripah! aka: What's cookin'? 9 pound Stripah! aka: What's cookin'?

After catching a 7 pounder on Monday, he caught this beauty today. My mouth & stomach are so fuckin’ happy. Then I get to boop this man in places other than his nose :)

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

Better late than never! There was way too much cute from facw’s post last week, hoo boy. Snouting is hard!

Spring! (finally)! What's in your garden? Spring! (finally)! What's in your garden?

I’ve got nothing but dead branches & leaves swept out for the township pick~up. Those things have been waiting all winter to be pushed to the curb. But I’ve got big plans!

Peak Mommy Business Peak Mommy Business

I’ve been flat~out working for 10 days now. A giant box truck parked in front of my house when I’m home, but my car 24/7 in my driveway. I’m gone by 5 am & home after 7 pm for quite awhile now.

Late Night (EST) Open Thread Late Night (EST) Open Thread

Shit. Days (weeks?) go by when I can’t engage, but you’re always on my mind, you beautiful diamonds.


It’s that time of the week again when we share in the joy of each others pets. I’m enjoying my first day off in over 2 weeks and can’t think of a better way to spend my morning than combing through Xyl0's post from last week to bring you this week’s FFF!

What's cookin' ? What's cookin' ?

Aye. It’s Irish f’ing New Year on a Saturday! Saturday! You couldn’t pay me enough to celebrate my ancestors tonight, what with the crowds & amateurs :)

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

Greetings, fellow fur fanatics! March is the cruelest month; just when you’re tricked by daffodil shoots in to thinking Spring is around the corner, WHAM! More winter weather. Let’s warm up with the furriest faces in all the land.

Where to write for Kinja Help?

Is anyone else noticing that “pending” & “see pending” totally fucks up the comment column? Or, is it just me? When I click “community” I can see all threads & comments. When I click “pending” which I always do, much is lost.

Hey! Hey, ya beautiful diamonds! Hey! Hey, ya beautiful diamonds!

My head is finally above deep water, breathing air!

Thank you, young women Thank you, young women

I’m a solidly middle~aged woman. I was a young woman once.

What's Cookin'? What's Cookin'?

Or where are you going to eat today? Any good take~out? Any great or disastrous food memories? Need a recipe? Let’s tawk about it.


  Hey, darlins~

TV Review: Anthology Edition

I usually enjoy David Bianculli’s television reviews but today he buried the lede. From the end of his review:

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