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Awesomely Luvvie is not here for Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman took to CNN yesterday, wearing a MAGA hat, to weep about how people came at him when he first stood with Donald Trump and went to North Korea on his behalf.

I need this! I need this!


How do you eat?

Had Popeye’s chicken for dinner and, as we ate, I started thinking about the different ways that people at things.

Avengers: Infinity War TOMORROW!!! OMG, OMG, OMG Avengers: Infinity War TOMORROW!!! OMG, OMG, OMG

I am basically Marvel trash so the anticipation and dread (someone is probably going to die) are KILLING ME. I have tickets for Sunday to see it with Noklew but.... he isn’t nearly as excited as I am (he left to go play games because I was watching Avengers interviews on Youtube. WHAT?!) so I just purchased another…

Cats... amirite? Cats... amirite?

Last week I was cutting raw chicken tenders in to “bite-size” pieces for a slow cooker recipe.

I don't know if this was posted earlier this week but...

it’s good enough to post again. IMO anyway

Bitches.... amirite?

Never mind that he previously said his wife is extremely frugal. I guess that’s with their money not the taxpayers’.

I don't know what to do.

Edited to add that Abbie is a cat. A big old Maine Coon mix which is why it’s so much of a fight with him because cats are extremely flexible balls of fury, nails and teeth.

Kat Von D debuts Basket Case eyeliner tomorrow 12/5 Kat Von D debuts Basket Case eyeliner tomorrow 12/5

A collab with Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day it is available in black only, obviously. $19.99 each with proceeds to benefit the ACLU.


A Roy Moore supporter has told the Huffington Post that he has no qualms about supporting the Alabama Republican Senate candidate on the grounds that he has also been called out by several women for sexual misconduct.

Update to add Noklew's reaction. So this happened Update to add Noklew's reaction. So this happened

Update: He was taking a nap not playing games. When he got up he went in the kitchen and Cat went to investigate. I just waited. I heard “What’s this?” and I started laughing. I told him the story and that was that. Except that little traitor went over and sat on him as soon as he sat down! But only for a few minutes…

Breaking News! Breaking News!


"Malfunctioning droid" Carter Page

The 243 pages of Carter’s testimony transcripts, 45 of which are his opening statement and self-biography, were released and this shit is cray.


A woman who isn’t ashamed and broken by her abortion(s). Such a horrible person. And I am referring to Katie Yoder not Martha Plimpton

Ask a Manager: "What the actual F"

My employee didn’t give a coworker the message that his wife was in surgery, and now everyone hates him.

Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

Did you know that about 30% of Maine coons have a genetic mutation that makes it likely they will develop this disease?

Oh he's crying, guys. HAHAHA

Neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell — who was one of the “Unite the Right” Charlottesville marchers interviewed by — released a weepy, rambling video of himself discussing the fact that a warrant was issued for his arrest.

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