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“Oh, yeeahhhhhhh!” * crunchy bricks * [not as realm o’pencil ]

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His every message is appalling personal invective, bigoted, sometime verging on threats. Then needling us with claims we're trying to shut down his right to free speech. "What a maroon," as Bugs would say in his inimitable Brooklyn accent.

This user:

That spammer's started using another burner account, but with a lame game 2 stay the same.

like black.mamba said:

I'm having a bit of difficulty; sorry if this comes up twice, but (on the first try) it didn't seem to "take"

Death threat. Regardless of whether intended as a "joke," it's not funny.

"Troll" seems an understatement:

I'd hate to go overboard, because this person—despite being extraordinarily obnoxious in all three (!) of his posts to date—may have helped elicit a very-worthwhile reply, in the comments regarding autism. Specifically, this comment:

They're getting started early, today...

Double-post advocating rape, in the Air Force scandal comments:

Here we go again. Violent rape porn posted by "LiberalFreeloadersSuck" in the comments to the article "We Need to Redefine What We Mean When We Say ‘Manly’"