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Lazy Sunday Lit. Talk Lazy Sunday Lit. Talk

Happy Sunday, all! You ready to talk books?

Scenes from a marriage: Saturday Chores Scenes from a marriage: Saturday Chores

Me, after having been up and running around for 3 hours already: Do you have any plans for the day?


Wait... wait... just a minute....

Fri. AM OT Fri. AM OT

Happy Friday, y’all! How was your week? What’s today lookin’ like?


Mornin’, GT! What’s up with you today?


Happy Monday, GT! What’s your vagenda for the day/week? What are you doing to start your week off right?

This goddam cat This goddam cat

First of all, if anyone’s interested in what a recently partially shaved (and, yes, cough, cough, partially amputated) tail looks like when a cat’s scared, here ya go:

Happy Saturday (AM OT) Happy Saturday (AM OT)

Morning, y’all! What’s on your vagenda this weekend?


Good morning, all! What’s your plan for the day?

Lazy Sun. Lit. Talk Lazy Sun. Lit. Talk

Happy Sunday, y’all! You ready to talk books?

G'Mornin'! AM OT G'Mornin'! AM OT

Mornin’, GT! Happy Thursday? What’s on your vagenda this lovely Thursday?

ISO One (1) Bitchery ISO One (1) Bitchery

My phone just suggested the word “bitcheries” when I was trying to write “bitches.” And now I’m pretty sure I need a bitchery. In my head, it’s like a nursery but, instead of babies going there to be nursed, bitches go there to bitch/be bitches. Fuck the she shed—I’m gettin’ me a bitchery!

AM OT (and Buster update) AM OT (and Buster update)

What’s on your vagenda this lovely Tue., GT?

#catmamaoftheyear #catmamaoftheyear

You guys. I woke up this morning and went into the bathroom. As I closed the door, I heard a yowl. Thinking I’d mooshed a kitten paw, I opened the door to see both cats just sitting there, chillin’, looking at me like, “’Sup?” So, I was like, Ok, musta been a close call.

Groupdrink Groupdrink

What are you doing/drinking/eating tonight, GT?

Happy pictures! Happy pictures!

Because I don’t wanna see that scumbag at the top of the page! :D

Any questions for Meghan McCain?

These questions are giving me LIFE!

My ragamuffin... My ragamuffin...

came a week late but, gahtdamn, she came in like a wrecking ball. How are y’all?

V. Early Sat. OT V. Early Sat. OT

Happy Sat., GT! What’s on your vagenda this stupendous Saturday?

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