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Haircuts Haircuts

Hey all! Gonna get a short short haircut. I want an angle bob with it really short/shaved in the back, sixties bouffant on top. I know you’re all the absolute ultimate when it comes to research. Would any of you be so kind as to show me some kickass images you can conjure up? Here is one example....

Makeup remover recommendations please

Hey GT! I am a lazy lump that never washes her face before bed (well, rarely). I want a relatively cheap makeup remover. Have any of you tried Albolene? I tried the Garnier micellar water and thought it was terrible. I like wipes, but they’re kind of expensive if you use them everyday right? What works for you guys? I…

I found this guy while down a YouTube rabbit hole last year. I love his live stuff. It’s weird that his album I bought didn’t sound as good as all of his live shows. His lyrics are really good too. This song is called “To Cure What Ails”. Who have you discovered lately?

Periscope TW for abuse

So, today I went on Periscope. I check out all kinds of broadcasts, from drag queens making themselves up, protests, people doing prank calls, etc. sometimes I’ll look at broadcasts that are being done by very young girls. I find it highly disturbing that the comments they get are fucked up. It isn’t surprising, but…

Who posted that video with the comic?

It was pretty recent but I still can’t find it. It was a dude playing songs to prove his misunderstood lyrics were pretty accurate sounding. I really liked it and would like to show it someone. Help!

Horror Short Horror Short

I’ve been watching a bunch of these lately. I found several pretty good ones. This one, called “Skypemare” is my favorite so far. Enjoy!

Board Games

A long while back someone on this site used to to post about board games. I wish I could remember who! They mentioned one called Pandemic that sounded really fun. Well, I finally got it a while back and me and my friends loved it. It kind of renewed our love of board gaming, so, thank you whoever you are! We have…

Try not to be an a-hole. Try not to be an a-hole.

I love love love John Darnielle.

Swoon Swoon

what music/songs/artists are you into these days? It need not be current!

I have an idea for our newest GT headline....

It is the truth. No one can deny it. No one would dare challenge this simple declaration....

Wanna help out some high school kids? (Repost) Wanna help out some high school kids? (Repost)

I know there are many generous people on here, and I came across this group of teens who need help. They are trying to get to a debate team tournament. They have less than a thousand dollars left to raise.

Badass Chick Tearin' it up!

I really need to practice my rollerskating. This video is really awesome though. Enjoy!

Damn the Man! Save Tower Sunset from Demolition! Damn the Man! Save Tower Sunset from Demolition!

I don't know how many of you are familiar with Tower Records (now defunct). It was a great record store chain that is near and dear to me, and to many people that I know.

HobotheSlasher is a happy camper!

Hey dudes! Me and the dude are going camping this weekend! We both love it intensely, and thought we weren't going to get to go for one last trip before it gets too cold. Well, at the last minute his boss gave him 4 days off in a row!

This one kind of slayed me This one kind of slayed me

I have been listening to a lot of music tonight. Janis Ian's "At Seventeen" and Tom Waits'

Do you like American Music? Do you like American Music?

Here is an awesome halloweenie music video for you! Aesop has all the mad lyrical skills, and all the zombie apocalypse images you could ask for. One of my all time favorite lyrical geniuses is featured at the end. This is the uncensored version. I love this, as it reminds me of three of my favorite things: camping,…

Rent and the Government Shutdown

Dearest GT'ers, I once again need your help and advice....for a friend. Said friend has received a 3 day notice to pay rent or quit. She works for the government, so her checks have been delayed. She will have the money, but not for about 6 days instead of three. Does she have any recourse, considering that this is…

I felt a pregnant lady's belly tonight. I felt a pregnant lady's belly tonight.

I felt a tiny baby foot cascade along her insides. It brought tears (that I tried to hide) to my eyes. Wow, human life is strange!

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