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Sunday Silliness Sunday Silliness

Which Creature From Folklore Are You?

Fur Face Friday  Fur Face Friday 

A big FFF thank you to teamPenguin for guest hosting last week. It was a great edition!

Special Fur Face Friday

I almost did a FFF based on the QuiQue Qibble Qop pic. But since that was dreamed up by you and k2b I had second thoughts. I envisioned it as a classic rogue cop story. Detective QuiQue busted down to beat cop after disregarding the rules. There would be a stern but fair chief, a beautiful journalist GF, assorted…

Fur Face Friday Fur Face Friday

We’re entering into the dull, dreary days of post holiday winter. But never fear fur fans, we’ve got what you need to lift those spirits.

Christmas Eve OT Christmas Eve OT

Are we having fun yet? My dog is chasing my daughter’s cat around the house. I’m ready to start drinking. 

Fur Face Friday Fur Face Friday

It’s the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year! Gather your friends- the winged, hoofed, pawed and finned, to keep you company during the long, dark night.

Fur Face Friday Fur Face Friday

For better or worse, winter, and the holidays are upon us. And whether you observe Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, I think we can all agree that our downy, fluffy, woolly, friends are a gift. Let’s celebrate them together!

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

My apologies fellow animal lovers! You know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men. Anyway, better late than never.

For Your Viewing Pleasure For Your Viewing Pleasure

This year’s Comedy Wildlife Photo finalists.

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

Animals - we don’t deserve them. But I’m so glad they keep loving us in spite of ourselves. Here they are again to brighten our day!

Emmer Apology

I unshared it. I apologize for being insensitive. I was pretty angry with Lindsey Graham but you’re right about the post. 

Rosenstein Out?

The AP is reporting he’s on his way to the White House to be fired. Bloomberg says he’s tendered his resignation and it’s been accepted. No official statement from the WH.

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

Happy Equinox. Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are celebrating Mabon. It’s finally Fall!

Crying Crying

I don’t cry very much. I think the last time was months ago when I spontaneously burst into tears watching Baskets. I come close sometimes but then it just sort of stops. It’s been suggested to me that this lack of affect is unhealthy. So I’m curious, do you cry GT? What sort of things make you cry? Are you…

Play Something For Me! Play Something For Me!

It doesn’t have to be new. Show some love for somebody you think isn’t getting the attention they deserve. Or introduce me to a regional band. I know a lot of you live in areas with big music scenes. I like all genres.

Fur Face Friday Fur Face Friday

It’s the Back To School Edition! Here at Fur Face Academy we take education very seriously. We have the cutest, smartest, most talented, animals in the Kinjaverse. Please enroll your furry, feathery, finny, and scaly, friends today!

Dog Days of Summer Dog Days of Summer

Another scorching day. For adults summer is full of sweaty commutes, high electric bills and short tempers. But remember when you were a kid and the long, hot days meant freedom? And even the sweltering nights were magical with meteor showers?

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

Welcome fellow fur fanatics to my inaugural edition of Fur Face Friday! I’m seated in the luxurious FFF office suite wearing the ceremonial Snout Selector sash and tiara, sipping champagne, and finalizing this week’s choices.

Chris Hardwick Returns to AMC

AMC claims to have investigated the accusations against Hardwick. The official statement does not say if they find Chloe Dykstra’s allegations credible or not, but that returning him to work is appropriate. I for one, will never be able to look at his smug face again. 

Justice For Victor Jara! Justice For Victor Jara!

45 years after the torture and murder of activist Victor Jara in Chile, 9 retired soldiers have been convicted of the killing. If you don’t know Victor’s story, or the role the U.S. played in the overthrow of democratically elected President Allende take a few moments out of your Independence Day to Google him.

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