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Fur Face Friday Fur Face Friday

It’s the Back To School Edition! Here at Fur Face Academy we take education very seriously. We have the cutest, smartest, most talented, animals in the Kinjaverse. Please enroll your furry, feathery, finny, and scaly, friends today!

Dog Days of Summer Dog Days of Summer

Another scorching day. For adults summer is full of sweaty commutes, high electric bills and short tempers. But remember when you were a kid and the long, hot days meant freedom? And even the sweltering nights were magical with meteor showers?

Fur Face Friday! Fur Face Friday!

Welcome fellow fur fanatics to my inaugural edition of Fur Face Friday! I’m seated in the luxurious FFF office suite wearing the ceremonial Snout Selector sash and tiara, sipping champagne, and finalizing this week’s choices.

Chris Hardwick Returns to AMC

AMC claims to have investigated the accusations against Hardwick. The official statement does not say if they find Chloe Dykstra’s allegations credible or not, but that returning him to work is appropriate. I for one, will never be able to look at his smug face again. 

Justice For Victor Jara! Justice For Victor Jara!

45 years after the torture and murder of activist Victor Jara in Chile, 9 retired soldiers have been convicted of the killing. If you don’t know Victor’s story, or the role the U.S. played in the overthrow of democratically elected President Allende take a few moments out of your Independence Day to Google him.


This is Mitch McConnell’s finest hour. May he burn in hell.

Boo Hoo - Updated

Last night Sarah Hucksterbee Sanders was asked to leave the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, VA. Sanders tweeted

Fur Face Friday Fur Face Friday

Good afternoon fellow animal lovers! I’m delighted to be your Summer Vacation Substitute Snout Selector for this week’s FFF. Choosing between all the adorable fur, fluff and feathers is even harder than I thought. If I didn’t include your pets, it’s not because I didn’t find them squee worthy. I just didn’t want to be…

Thank You Thank You

I wanted to thank everyone personally for their comments on the Morning OT Post but Kinja wouldn’t let me. (Kinja! Shakes fist!) The support I receive here on GT means the world to me. And I believe it has played a big role in my ongoing recovery. I don’t know if I would even have gone back into therapy without the…

RIP Tom Wolfe RIP Tom Wolfe

I had some issues with Wolfe politically, but damn, the man could tell a story. The Right Stuff is one of my favorite books. Wolfe passed away yesterday at the age of 88.

Run For The Roses Run For The Roses

It’s Derby Day. In my neck of the woods that’s bigger than the 4th of July. Mr P had to go out of town unexpectedly, so this year I’ll be watching at home by myself. I’ll get a Hot Brown to go, maybe a piece of Derby Pie and sip on some Makers Mark. What, if anything, will you do to enjoy The Most Exciting Two Minutes…

New Neighbors New Neighbors

I have new next door neighbors, they moved in today. What’s the current etiquette on meeting new neighbors? Is taking them baked goods still a thing? How long do you wait to knock on their door? We like being friendly with the neighbors but not too friendly. How have you struck the right note when new people moved in?…

My Very Upsetting Morning

Trigger Warning - Abuse 

60 Minutes 60 Minutes

Is everyone as excited as I am for 60 Minutes? I’ve been singing this all morning!

Buffalo Creek Flood Buffalo Creek Flood

Today is the 46 anniversary of the Buffalo Creek Flood in Logan WV. A coal slurry impoundment dam failed sending 132,00,000 gallons of black waste water into the 16 coal towns along Buffalo Creek. 125 people were killed, over a thousand injured, and 4,ooo left homeless. The Pittston Coal Company called it an Act of…

Baskets, My Mother and Louie Anderson Baskets, My Mother and Louie Anderson

I’ve posted on here before about my father. But not much about my mother. We had a complicated relationship. She was a bitter, unhappy woman. She loved me, but I don’t think she felt fulfilled being a mother. She grew up in a time and place where that’s what was expected of her, but she wanted, needed, more. She was…

RIP Mark E Smith RIP Mark E Smith

I just learned today that Mark E Smith of the post punk band The Fall passed away on Wednesday at 6o years old. The Fall was one of my favorite bands in the 80's. Smith was an alcoholic. Notoriously difficult to work with, he fired band member Marc Riley on his wedding day. Confrontational, even violent, he was…

I Probably Have a Very Good Relationship With ...

The people who live behind me. Their kid annoys me, his balls and nerf toys end up in my yard too often. And I’ve had to ask him to stop climbing on our fence three times. Their yard is a mess and I talk shit to my friends at the dog park about how they treat their pupper.  I’m not saying if I have or haven’t talked…

A Little Sunday Silliness

If your life was an animated series who would voice your pets? My corgi is an old girl. She’s been through some stuff but she’s still got some bite to her. A little world weary maybe, but strong and loving. For her -Melissa Leo. The hound pup is my southern girl. She’s cute, sweet, sassy, willful, spoiled and…

It's a Holiday Miracle! It's a Holiday Miracle!

Every year Mr P and I argue over whether or not all our luggage, gifts, cookies, and assorted other sundries will fit in the car. I always tell him it will not, to please use the expensive cargo carrier he insisted on buying to go on the expensive luggage rack he had to have. Every year he disagrees and attempts to…

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