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Friday Want Friday Want

Hand-built luxury GT coupe, anyone?

Cobra Tuesday, anyone? Cobra Tuesday, anyone?

Happy Tuesday, Opponauts!

Recent 1:1 addition! Recent 1:1 addition!

So, as some of you may have gathered, I recently added a 1:1 to the collection. It’s taken me a few weeks to actually get it posted, but better late than never, right?

W. O. Bentley Wednesday W. O. Bentley Wednesday

I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but I’m in the mood for early Bentleys, and I’m sure I’ve already posted plenty about the ‘Blue Train’ previously. Enjoy!

Stepside Saturday Stepside Saturday

Here we have a ‘56 Ford Stepside by Matchbox (copyright 1996), in a claimed 1:65 scale. This is probably one of my favorite cars in my entire collection, but I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!

DLM: Once in a blue moon DLM: Once in a blue moon

I decided I needed fresh Hot Wheels for my desk at work, so I pilfered the 'incoming duplicates' pile and settled on this Chevelle 396. Upon extraction, I realized the paintjob is sub-par around the window surrounds, and there are plenty of stray pieces of tampo all over the left side.

SRT-Sunday SRT-Sunday

As the weekend comes to a close, have some V10 ridiculousness!

French Friday: Late Entry French Friday: Late Entry

Happy Friday, everybody. I made the last minute decision to go grab a few pics after work. I only had time to edit one set, so I figured I'd get the Avante Garde in on the fun.

iHWEP from edu_petrolhead has arrived! iHWEP from edu_petrolhead has arrived!

It's here!!! It's finally here!!! :D

iHWEP is almost here! iHWEP is almost here!

It only took 6 weeks (at no fault of the sender), but my box of goodies should be arriving this afternoon!!! :D I shall update with pics when it gets here!

Pretty Pair - Johnny Lighting Pretty Pair - Johnny Lighting

At long last, my '41 Phaeyton found a buddy! Left work a bit early yesterday, so I decided to grab my camera bag and head across town to one of my favorite (free) parking garages for a quick photo shoot.

2002sday 2002sday

Seeing as I've been in ghost-mode the last few weeks, I figured it was about time for a good old fashioned theme day post...

Frosted-bait: Texas Trooper Charger Frosted-bait: Texas Trooper Charger

Found a Charger Interceptor on the back of the pegs while I was out today.

Teutonic 'Turbo' Tuesday Teutonic 'Turbo' Tuesday

Let me present an even smaller version of Jobjoris' 2002 Turbo...

Maserati Monday Maserati Monday

I'll just leave this here...

Talladega Thursday Talladega Thursday

While I don't currently have one of these Torino Talladega's on hand (coming soon in an HWEP), I really love the paint and stock-car livery. So much so, I felt it necessary to hijack a theme day... o.o

Trades! Get 'em while they're hot! Trades! Get 'em while they're hot!

I had some time to kill this morning, so I finally unearthed my trades and got decent pics!

Friday HAWL - Target (The Sequel) Friday HAWL - Target (The Sequel)

Well, even though I was just there last weekend, I decided to go see what they had left, since the HW's are still on sale. Turns out they actually restocked the pegs since last Sunday...

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