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Very good interview with Max Read

Covers a lot of territory, but a good listen and maybe the first time I’ve actually heard Max’s side of what happened with the infamous post and how he feels about it all today. I’m sympathetic to Max anyway, but even if you’re not it’s a really interesting story to hear.

Peyton Manning sexual assault story in the NY Daily News

According to this article, it’s been widely known, but almost never reported, that Manning sexually assaulted a woman while he was a student athlete at Tennessee. But worse than that, he and his father then went on a multi-year crusade to destroy her career and assassinate her character, even after settling a lawsuit…

Mom to 12-yo daughter: Guess what we're gonna do on Monday! We're going to... Mom to 12-yo daughter: Guess what we're gonna do on Monday! We're going to...

For a brief time, kinja would let you embed Tumblr posts, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Still, if you want to laugh while you throw up, this is the video for you.

Spanish class and chill at Amherst

This is an amazing lawsuit. It alleges that the head of the Spanish department at Amherst College demanded that teaching assistants sleep with students to recruit them into taking Spanish classes.

This SNL skit is amazing

A game show called, “Meet Your Second Wife.” Listen to the audience reactions to each contestant’s reveal.

FAU Professor is such a Florida man, even Florida doesn't want him

Via the NY Times: The university’s move to dismiss Mr. Tracy came days after a clash that the professor had with Lenny and Veronique Pozner, the parents of a 6-year-old boy murdered at Sandy Hook, in the online opinion section of The Sun-Sentinel.

Is Gawker now the 24-hour Trump network?

I was dubious about the slide to covering more politics, but, really, and I understand the need to call out charlatans and demagogues. But this constant barrage of stories about one candidate is not really “politics”. Especially when it’s all just a rehash of stories available anywhere, with a dash of dudgeon thrown…

Anonymous twitter has spoken: "Boycott Gawker", "Zero literary talent."

I have a feeling the intellectual giants who read this person’s tweets probably don’t read Gawker to begin with.

Matt Taibbi: America is too dumb for TV news. (Or vice versa)

In all of these cases, the candidates doubled or tripled down when pestered by reporters and fact-checkers and insisted they’d been victimized by biased media. A great example of how candidates have handled this stuff involved Fiorina.

Announced today: Setsuko Hara passed away in September Announced today: Setsuko Hara passed away in September

[ETA, the actress in the video thumbnail is not Setsuko Hara, but her co-star in Tokyo Story] Featured actress in so many post-war classic Japanese films, including ‘Tokyo Story’. It’s amazing to think Ozu and Kurosawa and Mizoguchi were making works like this just 5, 10 years after the atomic bombs were dropped on…

I did a thing

I agreed reluctantly, but once the call started KittensAndUnicorns and Arctic16 made it very easy and very comfortable, right away. I’m posting the link here because Kittens has a number of podcast interviews with different commenters if you’re interested in hearing any of them. And if you have a chance to join one of…

Amazon pays to put Nazi symbols on NYC subway.

Via As part of the promotional campaign for the Web-only program, Amazon decorated the 42nd Street shuttle running between Times Square and Grand Central with Nazi regalia. Train seats on one side of the subway car feature the stylized fascist version of the Reichsadler (Imperial Eagle) prominently used in…

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