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Kinda scared to add it up... Kinda scared to add it up...

As I posted earlier, I crossed the finish line with the $500 2002 325Xi wagon I bought back in September. NH has state inspections yearly. No rust that is structural or perforates the body, all lights and accessories on the car have to work, the check ball joints, tie rods, brakes, tires etc. Then it hooks up to the…

Oppo! I did it! Oppo! I did it!

I did it Oppo! I got the $500 E46 wagon to pass state inspection. Fixed a lot of stuff to get there, I’ll add it all up later today and make another post. For now I need to go drive my newly street legal (and worth about $1000 more with a sticker) BMW.

Today on things I don’t need but will probably buy.  Today on things I don’t need but will probably buy. 

Just saw this on Facebook. 2001 325XI wagon with a manual and that interior. I may go look at it today and buy it. Because the 2002 325XI with a manual I’ve been working on for 2 months isn’t enough. Nor the Outback. Or the Odyssey.

I want to hate this

But I can’t. I love it. Those box fenders. Love.

Dream achieved! Dream achieved!

The dream is a reality. Installer left about an hour ago. So happy. First order of business was slapping on an Oppo sticker.

 Now you’ve done it. The list.   Now you’ve done it. The list. 

Sorry for the Photo dump I scrolled through my phone and these are a few random vehicles I’ve owned.

I have about a 75% chance I have about a 75% chance

It seems I’m super lucky. About 75% of the time I do the brakes on an older car at least 1 caliper will be seized or messed up in some way. It’s a remarkable record.

Vans are handy.  Vans are handy. 

I do not like my wife’s Odyssey. The seat hurts my back and it’s just too large. However there are times it’s OK, like when I discover that Target is having a one day 15% off on TVs, on top of the posted sale prices.

The root of the problem. Steel. The root of the problem. Steel.

Plumber is here. He ran a camera down my main sewer line, and that is what he found. There is a big piece of metal jammed in there in a spot where it could have only been put during construction. So everything we flush comes up against it, builds up, and eventually clogs.

I’ve had enough. Send in a professional.  I’ve had enough. Send in a professional. 

Please enjoy this picture of a couple of Fords in the Ford I took last month. Totally unrelated but I need something to make my literal shitpost better.

E46 windshield rust fixed! E46 windshield rust fixed!

My work schedule doesn’t give me enough time to work on something like rust and paint, so a month after starting to deal with the rust on the windshield frame, it’s done. Mostly.

Bold Strategy, Cotton.   Bold Strategy, Cotton.  

Drove by a new Kia dealer today around 7am and there was a Stinger out front. Decided to pull in and check it out since I haven’t seen one up close yet. I like it. A lot. Great proportions and size, although there are some fussy details I’m not a fan of that I hadn’t picked up on in pictures (like the silver scoop…

Ugh. I hate calling in sick.  Ugh. I hate calling in sick. 

Just called in sick for work. Been up for hours with ...issues... that I suspect are from dinner last night. It tasted great but obviously didn’t agree with me. I really hate calling in, especially on a trip where I know I am inconveniencing literally hundreds of people.

Lonely night.  Lonely night. 

At my hotel, no one wanted to grab dinner. Went to the rooftop pool by myself instead to check out the sights, couldn’t miss the view. Serious guy in Fort Lauderdale says good night, Oppo-family.

I built a new toy today I built a new toy today

New toy for me.

Plumbing issues

Dear god. This has been a horrible day. My house was built just over a year ago and was not plumbed right. Biggest immediate issue is the end of the main sewer line where the last toilet, sink, and clothes washer join is tilted the wrong way so things just back up.

Oppo - give me 4 post lift advice

Anyone here have meaningful advice on buying a lift? My garage is appropriately sized for a lift and I’m finally going to pull the trigger. I’m getting a 4 post, but the big question is about install. Install and delivery add $1k to the price tag which is pretty significant when th lift itself is 2300-2500. I know…

Done, done, on to the next thing to fix. Done, done, on to the next thing to fix.

Finished with the engine/cooling/charging, so like the Foo Fighters said, done, done, on to the next one. In this case, body work. Also like Dave Grohl, my E46 has nothing to hide.

Wrench wrench wrench Wrench wrench wrench

Uneventful day of wrenching. Pretty much cleared out the whole to-do list under the hood of the E46. Valve cover gasket done, the one in there was in good shape still but whoever did it last left off a few washers so the baskets on those bolts had no pressure and were leaking like a sieve.

I am a weakling.  I am a weakling. 

Look. I admit it. I am a weak man. Two of my biggest weaknesses are German cars and wagons. Then throw a manual transmission in and I may as well just throw my wallet at it. I’ve fallen in love with a basket case.

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