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Did a swap today. Did a swap today.

My 2001 4Runner has a worn out front seat. The leather is still in good shape, but the foam is gone, no support, hurts my back after a while. I read that people were swapping seats from the F30 BMWs, so my search began.

Not on my watch. Not on my watch.

Every now and then I meet an adult who never works on their own stuff. They’ll change a lightbulb, but that’s it. Everything else goes to a shop or they hire a contractor.

Dumb question has been answered. Thanks. Dumb question has been answered. Thanks.

I feel dumb. I get notifications that people have recommended my posts, not my replies. I like the concept of doing that rather than just making an inane reply that adds nothing.

WTF, this is a Camry? WTF, this is a Camry?

Went to the Toyota dealer to buy a couple parts. This is in the showroom. A Camry with red leather interior. What a world we live in.

A New Opponent Enters! A New Opponent Enters!

By new, I mean the 2001 4Runner I bought earlier this week. On Tuesday I had a chance to get it up on the lift and really check it out. For an 18 year old vehicle with 255k miles, it’s in damn good shape. Here’s the immediate to do list:

This is what I bought This is what I bought

After selling my E46 wagon, I had an empty space in my heart, and my garage. I really wanted something that could go off road, haul stuff inside, and tow. I went back and forth on Land Cruisers and 4Runners, always loved the 4Runner, but Land Cruisers are legendary. A post I made on here steered me towards LX470s and…

I bought something yesterday, Oppo I bought something yesterday, Oppo

I may need to change my name to remove the “German” part since I just bought an old 4Runner. I go to pick it up in a few hours, I’m renting a truck and trailer from Uhaul to grab it since it’s been sitting for a few months and I prefer to go through things before driving, just in case.

School me on 100 series Land Cruisers, Oppo. School me on 100 series Land Cruisers, Oppo.

Sold the E46 wagon, so on to the next toy. I think I need the vehicle of choice for the Red Cross, UN, and countless rebel factions across the globe, a Land Cruiser. Looking at the different generations, I’m leaning towards a 100 series for a few different reasons. Price, towing ability, capability, comfort, and…

Bought a miniature 50 car garage.  Bought a miniature 50 car garage. 

I’ve been buying Hotwheels that are interesting to me for a few years now. For the most part they’ve sat in the packages in a bag in my closet. For the past couple months I’ve been thinking of buying a display case so I can enjoy them.

They ruined my precious. They ruined my precious.

Damn it. I keep an eye out for my old Jeep on local CL and FB. I will probably buy it back some day, it’s the only vehicle I’ve ever sold that I regret. Found it today.

Tossing around a bad (good?) idea. Tossing around a bad (good?) idea.

Been thinking of buying a 2015 or newer Mustang GT and selling the 996. Not sure why, aside from I’ve never had a V8, and it would be nice to not pay the Porsche tax (both in people thinking I’m a douchebag and parts prices), and I really like the current generation Mustang.

Tricks to being a dumb car buyer - #2 will surprise you! Tricks to being a dumb car buyer - #2 will surprise you!

Decided that I’ve finished fixing the stuff on my E46 wagon, and realistically I’m not going to be driving it when I also have my 2018 Outback for wagony duties. So I put it up for sale.

Help diagnose my brake issue, Oppo! Help diagnose my brake issue, Oppo!

Good Morning. Having an issue and feeling fried, hopefully some of you may have ideas.

Cool tool of the day Cool tool of the day

Check out what I just picked up. Lowes sells these magnetic socket holders in various sizes. Magnets are strong enough to hold the sockets even upside down, and the magnet on the back lets you stick it to whatever you’re working on. It’s a very cool setup, grab the sockets, stick it to the car, and everything is…

Won't get fooled again. Won't get fooled again.

You won’t get me again, BMW. I fell for the whole “remove the strut pinch bolt to change an axle, it’ll be easy.” lie last time and attacked that bolt. Broke the damn thing off and spent 7hr drilling it out.

Back together Back together

E46 Wagon is back together after my replace the axle because of a clicking CV became drilling out a 5" long hardened bolt that pinches the strut into the steering knuckle broke.


Front left CV started clicking on the E46 325XI wagon yesterday. I have the axle sitting here, so may as well do it. Start on it around 8:30am, I decide to pull the strut to get the access I need. Simple. 1 pinch bolt and down it’ll come.

Kinda scared to add it up... Kinda scared to add it up...

As I posted earlier, I crossed the finish line with the $500 2002 325Xi wagon I bought back in September. NH has state inspections yearly. No rust that is structural or perforates the body, all lights and accessories on the car have to work, the check ball joints, tie rods, brakes, tires etc. Then it hooks up to the…

Oppo! I did it! Oppo! I did it!

I did it Oppo! I got the $500 E46 wagon to pass state inspection. Fixed a lot of stuff to get there, I’ll add it all up later today and make another post. For now I need to go drive my newly street legal (and worth about $1000 more with a sticker) BMW.

Today on things I don’t need but will probably buy.  Today on things I don’t need but will probably buy. 

Just saw this on Facebook. 2001 325XI wagon with a manual and that interior. I may go look at it today and buy it. Because the 2002 325XI with a manual I’ve been working on for 2 months isn’t enough. Nor the Outback. Or the Odyssey.

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