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PSA: When Getting A Call From The Doctors Office

And its a computer voice giving you the date and time of the appointment then it says to press one. Now I always thought it meant you received the message well so didn’t my mother’s friend (MF).

Funny Video: Leah Ashe: Making A Deal With The Beast Funny Video: Leah Ashe: Making A Deal With The Beast

This video is by Leah Ashe she is the prey her friend Sanna is the Beast. It’s hysterical to watch. They often do videos together and I love listening to their joking teases but also how much they like each other you can tell they are bffs.

Tenn. Passes Bill To Put Up Monument To Abortion “victims”

I am shaking my head for the idiotic extent the right wing antichoicers go to. The monument will be for “babies”, women and men victims of abortion. Yeah let that last one sink in. Sheesh.

Grandview Golf Course Owner’s Jordan Chronister Act Was Almost Certainly About Racism

Five African American women who are members. The co owner called the cops on them. They played 9 holes under 2 hours. I played a lot of golf in college and in early 20s two people playing 9 holes under 2 hours is good. Five people is fast. Although most courses ban more then 4. The course I went to encouraged no more…

PSA: Do Not Get Blueberry Iced Coffee At Dunkin Donuts

Its not horrible but its not good either. I thought it would be like blueberry syrup that would stick to edge and bottom like the mocha. Nope it made the drink watery like they used blueberry flavored water.

Uranus Smells Like Ur Anus (When You Fart)

My inner child insisted on that header. Insisted. Sometimes you need to appease it.

Doonesbury Yesterday Sums Up Today’s Christianity Fairly Well

He is fairly on point. Trudeau has such a good finger on todays politics.

Church of The Donald

So Trump has FNC, Sinclair now he has TBN and CBN. I was curious what happened to Papa Huckabee well he is on TBN spouting for Trump.

This Is How Politicans Should Act

I do not like the Bush family but I love this picture. Four presidents and First Ladies with major policy differences yet can also join together to support another in time of need. This is how politicans should act.

PSA If You See This Call Your Doctor Right Way It May Save Your Life

Today at the fleamarket we heard a dealer (60ish) had died recently.

Woman Charged 500 Dollars For An Apple

Delta airlines gave out apples towards the end of a flight from Paris. A woman who received it put it in her bag because she was not hungry. Makes sense.

NXIVM Interesting Email Exchange About Grace Park (was in BSG and H50)

Has anyone been following this case about sex slavery in a cult. I am not familiar with the news site Art Voice which has been around since 1990 according to their site. Anyone?

Verne "Mini Me" Troyer Has Died At 49

The instagram description is simply beautiful to read and provides as good message. We really need to do a better job with mental illness then what we do.

Jim Carrey's Artwork Am I The Only One Thinking They Crossed A Line

I would call this artwork similar to Editoral Cartoons but not as good.

Pet Avengers Cartoon Movie Why Has This Not Been Made? Pet Avengers Cartoon Movie Why Has This Not Been Made?

Seriously this would be like printing money.

Comey Memo: Trump: Russia Has Most Beautiful Hookers In The World

How would Trump know? How does he compare ours and Russia’s. Only if he has experience. Is he.a hooker expert? Pee video seems more and more believable. Also he has to have kids all over.

In 200 Years Cow May Be Largest Land Animal

Well isn’t that special. If this does not prove human beings and Neanderthals (probably entire branch of primates, I think we are primates) we are a plague on Earth nothing will.

Melania Trump May Play A Big Part of Michael Cohen Defense

Along with her hubby since if he knew about the payment he too would be subject to campaign finance laws. How will she be a central figure? She may be their defense. The argument would essentially go “we didn’t want Melania to know and save her the embaressment.”

Well Trade War Has Begun China Is NOT Playing Around

Several ships on the way to China from Texas has turned around with cargo full of sorghum. A grain for livestock which we sell a lot of to China. There is already a grain glut which I did not know.

For “True” Crime Fans: a 1911 New Orleans “Vampire” Murderer (Auguste Delagrange) For “True” Crime Fans: a 1911 New Orleans “Vampire” Murderer (Auguste Delagrange)

I thought this would be an interview today or person who believed they were a vampire. Instead it was a murder case about a man who broke into homes and making the people in the homes vanish. A priest and a doctor were the ones who broke open the case and caught the killer. It was ingenious how they did it.

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