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Anakin Skywalker I Mean Michael Cohen Gives His Defense

He meantBlind loyalty to Senator Palpatine I mean Donald Trump lead me to chose darkness over light. Jesus. Must think judge is an idiot.

How Is It Jill Wine Banks Never Had Her Own Show? 

She is such a natural on tv I love watching her as a guest how has she never gotten her own show after all these decades? She is insightful and has a sense of humor, Also Joyce Vance needs to replace Ari Melber, he annoys me. She is awesome too, her and Jill are my favorite guests. 

Curse You Paul McCartney The Ding Dong Christmas Song

How can someone who wrote such beautiful songs for the Beatles could have written the horrible abysmal excuse of a Christmas song the Ding Dong Christmas song. The song is now stuck in my head after hearing it in a store. The line “the children practice it all year long” is the most idiotic line in music history…

Deal breaker for a recliner? 

I need a new recliner my foot rest no longer works and its at least 15 years old. Anyways I saw one a Lazy Boy, hardly used at 120 dollars but did NOT rock. That is a deal breaker. Otherwise it was a great chair. 

Three things

Well four. I have been busy so not posting much. Sorry. I will try to be better.

Being A Football Commish Is So Hard Also An Invite

I found myself the commish in my Madden Overdrive League its a f2p App game. I simply complained that no one was starting championships then boom I found myself the head of my league. It’s called Hellmouth Turkey Vampires I will change it after Thanksgiving. It was Hell On Earth And Heaven Team which I created but its…

Deja Vu of 2016

I feel like this is a repeat of 2016. So much hope. Polls looked so promising. Instead it appears senate will increase for republicans. House may squeak by for us. Age of Cruelty continues and I am positive Trump will see this as a mandate. 

Green Book Trailer Why Not Give Musician’s Name?

I had no idea who the movie was about so I googled it. It’s about Don Shirley a pianist, psychologist and composer including writing symphonies. I never heard of him. 

Was Kasich Trying To Get Hired On MSNBC?

He was interviewed by Nicolle Wallace on her show and he said he voted for nonrepublicans (I hope democrats and not libertarians) and how we should all be unified. All I could think was “this is not the man who was on Fox” he is trying to follow the path of Morning Joe and Nicolle ie Never Trumpers But Still…

Why didn’t Axios Press Trump On Birthright Citizenship Also A Question For Those In Mass.

First they should have asked “who are these people saying you can write an executive order to go around the 14th Amendment.”

Why Is DNC Ignoring Mass. Governor’s Race?

This is the state of democratic giants, Kennedy, Kerry, Dukakis and now Elizabeth Warren. Yet the party has given the election to a republican Charlie Baker. 

Bad Feelings About November Election

I have a bad feeling about the Senate. I suspect Heitkamp will be gone, her outing of sexual abuse survivors killed her chances, she was down 12 already. Florida I suspect it will be a split vote Gillum will win, Nelson will lose, I think the hurricane helped Scott, all natural disasters will be a boost to the sitting…

Anyone Watching Magnum PI? 

I never for reasons I have no idea never watched original series. I love this new series. I love like H50 the witty banter between Magnum and Higgins. It does seem headed though to a “will they or won’t they”. Anyone watching it?

ICE AKA American Gestapo Sending Small Children Home W/O Notifying Parents

I cannot take any more of this filth from our Administration any more. ICE is sending children including a 4 year old to Guatemala without notifying parents. There was a show last night about a Boston area company who takes possession of dogs from the southern states. We actually treat dogs better then we are treating…

Murkowski Voted No On Kavanaugh, Manchin Yes 

Vote him out. Asswipe. Sorry he is NOT a democrat. So angry. 

This FBI Was All A Show

I am convinced Flake, Collins and Murkowski wanted this FBI investigation as a cover to vote for Kavanaugh. When Collins said it was thorough the fix is in.

I Raised A Brat GF Is A Brat

My mother during the summer liked to eat a small cone every evening. GF and BF would take a piece of the cone with a few drops of ice cream.

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