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Perfect Person Not Running For President

I do not know why a three term governor and two term senator is not running for president. She can bridge the moderate and progressive wings ok not the best speaker but very disciplined. She also ran the Kennedy library, so she has executive, private sector and federal experience.

Beto Is Giving A Speech In Iowa not impressed

He gives Obama vibes but I saw Obama speak in 2008 while he ran and Beto lacks that spark of inspiration Obama had. Beto way overuses hand gestures that it’s distracting. I need to know more about his policy and so far I am basing it on feelings. I did not think he would run so I ignored what he stood for. Need to…

Felicity Hoffman and Lori Loughlin Among Dozens Arrested Or Entitlement At It’s Worse

Well dozens including these two actresses arrested for getting I believe their kids in major Ivy League and other elite colleges.

Stupid Superstition You Still Fall For

I was at a thrift shop and sat on a rocking chair, there was another next to me. A customer came over to look at it and got it rocking, as she left she left the chair rocking. I stopped it. Why? My late grandmother always said one should never let a chair rock if one is not sitting on it, it invites bad spirits to…

Who Watches Cat From Hell? 

It’s on Animal Planet. I swear a lot of people just lack common sense. I also feel this show may put off people adopting a cat. I’ve had cats and none were nightmares, sure odd behavior at times but they are cats.

Oh Oscars Is Soooooo Boring With No Host

Couldn’t Amy Poehler, Tina Fey and Maya Rudolph been the hosts? That so far was the best part of the show could they do it next year? I am so bored. I like Adam Lambert but the performance seemed more like a tribute performance, he lacks Mercury’s energy. Although except for Ancel Pineda who took over the lead for…

PSA That Needs Never To Have Been Written 

Have a car? Have snow on the roof and it’s no longer snowing? Take two minutes and clean it. Nothing worse then having your windshield hit by snow because person in front did not bother cleaning off the snow. It’s super dangerous.

A Daydream Believer Has Died Peter Tork 

CNN just reported that Peter Tork of the Monkees has died. He was the serious one who usually wore a wool hat on the show. It was a rather unique show I liked it when watching in syndication. He was 77. Where has time gone to.

American Masters On Sammy Davis Jr A Must Watch?

Did anyone watch this show? It was amazing. The clips of his acts were funny and his clips of him dancing and singing were jaw dropping. The segments where he talked about racism in Hollywood and towards him where he performed were blunt and candid. One thinks “oh that was then” but you realize it’s still there.

When A Childhood Friend’s Parent Dies It Kind Of Hits You Also Fashion Question

I read in the obits another childhood friend parent died. This is the second I know of in last 12 months, I assume there are more. It hits you because as you see their parents generation dies off your generation is next. You realize time stops for no one. I am lucky my mother is alive and well. Yet it was just close…

Anyone Watch Great Performances Bernstein Show?

It was on the other night. It’s interviews mixed in with a concert at Tanglewood. I could not find the scene online but there is a jaw dropping section of the concert with singers doing the Tonight Quintet from West Side Story. The singer who did Anita’s role was great. I could not find that scene from the concert…

BF and GF Wish All A Happy New Year

They want your resolution to give your four legged companions lots of snacks.

Does This Make Sense?

My mother’s friend came over, MF, and said this.

Penny “Laverne” Marshall Has Died

God I loved Laverne and Shirley. They were so funny. I recall her on The Odd Couple. I loved her laid back humor that could spin into slapstick. She was also a great director of Big and A League of Her Own. 

Anakin Skywalker I Mean Michael Cohen Gives His Defense

He meantBlind loyalty to Senator Palpatine I mean Donald Trump lead me to chose darkness over light. Jesus. Must think judge is an idiot.

How Is It Jill Wine Banks Never Had Her Own Show? 

She is such a natural on tv I love watching her as a guest how has she never gotten her own show after all these decades? She is insightful and has a sense of humor, Also Joyce Vance needs to replace Ari Melber, he annoys me. She is awesome too, her and Jill are my favorite guests. 

Curse You Paul McCartney The Ding Dong Christmas Song

How can someone who wrote such beautiful songs for the Beatles could have written the horrible abysmal excuse of a Christmas song the Ding Dong Christmas song. The song is now stuck in my head after hearing it in a store. The line “the children practice it all year long” is the most idiotic line in music history…

Deal breaker for a recliner? 

I need a new recliner my foot rest no longer works and its at least 15 years old. Anyways I saw one a Lazy Boy, hardly used at 120 dollars but did NOT rock. That is a deal breaker. Otherwise it was a great chair. 

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