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Tomorrow Is Bill Cosby’s Sentencing

He is 81 what does the justice system do with folks his age. He should spend years in prison but I wonder since he was not jailed at conviction I wonder if he will get home detention. He should not. Are there nursing homes for criminals his age or do they have them in prison or a halfway house? I would like 10 years…

Trump Says 2018 Election Is About Him You Know What That Means

Vote democratic all the way down the ticket. Ban anyone who says “I vote republican in local races to keep local taxes down”. Hate these voters. We need democrats in all levels of government. 

Fashion Trend That NEEDS To Come Back

Growing up in the 70s and 80s plaid suit coats were common, very common. I loved mine I wore in high school it was mandatory to wear suit coats. I had a few blue ones, one yellow and my favorite plaid. It had about 3 colors.

Trump: STFU

Seriously. Trump said about alleged attempted rapist Kavanaugh “I feel sorry for him.. he doesn’t deserve this”. I cannot imagine ANY president saying this. God sakes he makes W seem like a half decent person.

Hate Pills In A Box?

I have a cold and doc prescribed pills. The pills are in a box each pill in its own packet withen packets of 8. I need a knife to take out the pills. Just put pills in a bottle. Boxes and packets are stupid and annoying.

Ig Nobel Awards Are Out: Health Benefits of Cannibalism and More

No wonder zombies are so thin. It appears we are the lettuce of the animal world.

Avenatti Anyone Voting For Him In 2020 Democratic Primary?

I like him maybe as AG but he is such a repudiation of the Obama’s “when they go low we go high”. The “we hit harder” makes us no better. Also what are his policies every interview his only policy is impeach Trump. I agree but that’s not a platform.

Designing Women Sequel In Works To Be On ABC

Curious why CBS is not getting this. I loved the original series. I really loved Delta Burke. Never understood why she essentially vanished. Her character was my favorite.

Ya Gotta Admit Amateur Spanish Artists Like Bright Colors and Neon For 500 Year  Old Plus Sculptures

This is shockingly funny. You have to admire their like for bright colors and neon. I am sure the original artists are saying “oh if only I had neon”. Ok maybe not.

Songs That Should Not Be Covered Ever

There are some songs that are perfect. The perfection comes in the performance. No one needs to cover it ever since we have copies of the original. I am willing to say some like I Will Always Love You has two perfect versions, Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston versions. On Americas Got Talent a singer just covered it,…

Killer Cop Amber Guyger Went There Yup Blames The Victim

Do cops who kill unarmed African Americans have any other excuse beside “not obeying orders”. So sick of this. She entered wrong apartment and expected owner obey? Yeah.

Les Moonves Is Gone But 20 Million In Pay

Well what kind of a message does this send? Powerful men who sexually harass women and destroy careers in retaliation well these men do not have to worry about retirement. They get fired with a 20 million dollar farewell gift. It makes the firing toothless. MSNBC just reported this. 

Precedent On Precedent Seems Like Legal Gibberish

Watching the hearing Kavanaugh said Casey is precedent on Roe V Wade. He seems to be saying you need to overturn Casey to overturn Roe. I think. My BS meter is ticking loudly.

iPad Games Are Ultimate Time Suckers

I am obsessed with Legendary Game of Heroes and now Madden Overdrive. I play for free and find you kinda hit the wall. I horde gems in Legendary to buy relics and enhancers but it seems like these games want money. Nintendo and GameStop has lots of my money but you get complete games. I find with iPad games its like…

Should I Worry Of Florida Senate Race Flipping? 

Senator Nelson and Governor Scott have won their elections in the last few cycles. Should I worry about Nelson losing? I saw a poll a few months ago with Scott leading with Puerto Rican Florida residents. No idea if its name recognition or more. 

Really Mike Barnicle Calling Ashley Parker a “kid” sheesh

I am not sure why Barnicle is covering for Nicole Wallace. I would have given Parker a try out as host. I suspect Mike was picked since everyone is on vacation. Calling her kid was so “wtf”. 

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