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Lesson In Life or Tummy Hates Me

My mother’s friend very nicely took us out t eat after a quick shopping trip.

Been Busy With Company

My mother’s friend she is over for a few days prior to that we spent a week getting the house clean. So I also been spending time on Legendary, Game of Heroes on my ipad. Upside both have kept me from the news.

DC Showcase Secrets Of Sinister House Had Potential But Sputtering DC Showcase Secrets Of Sinister House Had Potential But Sputtering

As you all comic geeks know the original title for Secrets of Sinister House was Sinister House of Secret Love. Well for the first four issues but remained a gothic romance mystery for first issue of the new title.

Brett Kavanaugh Is The SCOTUS Choice

He appeared to have been Ken Starr’s attack dog against President Clinton. He appears to be Gorsuch 2.0. We are screwed, bye bye rights to choose, civil rights, voting rights. Hello right to be a bigot in “God’s name”.

Two Lessons In Life

1. Do not trust another person to box your self to sell at a flea market. A dealer who is very nice she sells stuff and comics. She was removing comics from boxes and putting them on the table and I was looking through the piles on the table. There was porn mags mixed in. She suddenly realized and said “I will kill…

Republican Family Values: Ripping Children From Their Parents At Border Then Calling Child In Foster Care AS

Family reunification. I call it “follow the money”. Are there organizations connected to the WH officials or DOJ making money off these children placed in foster care. Calling this “family reunification” is depraved and sick. I guess the next bank robber should say “financial reunification” if they spend the money in…

Ed Schultz Has Died At 64

I used to often watch his show on MSNBC. He got a show on RT. I never saw it. I really liked his MSNBC show far better then MTP Daily. Chuck Todd lacks Schulz’s passion for people.

How Does This Not Nearly Kill You?

MSNBC is reporting Joey Chestnut ate 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes. I can barely eat two with fries in 20 minutes. How does ones digestive system absorb that much without killing the organs and maybe you? Oh god the next bowel movement, ugh.

Are Border Patrol Agents The New Catholic Priests

A Border Agent was arrested for distributing CP. Border Agents like Catholic Priests during the 2000 and todays sex abuse story exploited children who were vulnerable. Border Agents like these Priests deal with vulnerable children and adults all the time. How many are like this man who are not just distributing cp but…

Anyone Ignoring the 4th?

I look forward every year to watch on TV the Boston Pops concert. Not this year. People not going or ignoring would send a message. How can one celebrate this nation knowing the evil pain we are inflicting on people at the border or racists overtly have taken over even in neighborhoods like calling the police on a 12…

Child's Play is Being Remade

I always thought Child’s Play was a remake of an old Twilight Zone episode starring Terry Savalas. I would love to know the voice of Chucky. Dwayne Johnson would be good.

Why Hasn't Bill Cosby Been Sentenced Yet?

He was found guilty on April 26 its now July 3. What’s the delay? There are laws stating the parameters for sentencing, there has been past precedent from other trials over what the typical sentence is. The judge would already have this information.

Jim Carey to play Robotnik

I do not know how you can do a live action Sonic The Hedgehog. I can picture Danny DeVito in the role of Robotnik not Carey.

How Bad Is Amy Coney Barret?

According to CNN Trump is intrigued by her. It strangely makes insidious sense for the 5th vote to end Roe V Wade to be a woman.

Casey Anthony Case Is 10 Years Old

CNN had a special on this case. I was not on GT then, not anywhere actually. Did GT exist then?

Question About Showers, Not The Bathing Kind

Last January or early Feb. my mother went to a shower of her friend’s daughter in law. She was expecting her first child. Now both the son and DIL sent the invitation to our address.

What The Hell: Trump, Justin Kennedy, Anthony Kennedy And Deutche Bank

Reading this article one thing leaps out at me what was the relationship between Donald Trump, Justin Kennedy and Deutche Bank. Justin is the son of Anthony Kennedy and works for Deutche Bank. The Trump Organization had a close connection with him and the bank.

Tom Brady Ugh Gisele Is Not A Piece Of Meat NSFW 

Why would anyone twitter about this. I cannot understand why they would twitter this. I cannot imagine she or any sex partner would say “yes Tom please tweet this”. What an invasion of privacy.

Another Angry White Man Goes On Shooting Spree At An Annapolis Newspaper

So far 5 are dead from this man who opened fire with a shotgun. This is a possible result of a President calling the press the enemy. If that is the reason I am not shocked.

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