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Anyone have experience with moving out of CA and back?

I might be moving out of California (to Texas) for work without a definite timeline for return. Does anyone know, if i inform the state of my move, can re-register my car under it’s original license if it is still with the car after it returns to California? The idea being I would still register it when I get the…

New home! New home!

The wife got a new house, I got a new garage and a Golf longroof. Not a bad deal methinks. My Jetta has a great-great-great-great-grand nephew and both now have space in the garage now that the moving boxes are gone!

Days of ALMS Past Days of ALMS Past

I saw this on my drive into work today but had to do a double take as I thought Muscle Milk Pickett Racing closed shop. Its a long way off their P1 program but glad to see Pickett continuing on in some form.

Spotted in the wild

“I want a Prius but it’s not fugly enough”

No Laguna Seca coverage? No Laguna Seca coverage?

I guess there was no mention of the #67 taking its class win at Laguna Seca this weekend because $kaycog has not recovered yet.

Was walking to lunch when... Was walking to lunch when...

I started seeing double.

Finally got around to my Laguna Seca Photos Finally got around to my Laguna Seca Photos

It’s only taken me a couple of weeks...thought I’d share some of the better shots. I didn’t get to all the more fun spots I’ve found to shoot though because I went with a larger group.

TSR.2s day TSR.2s day

Some times politics keeps a program alive when it should be ended. Other times it cuts a service life tragically short. Never forget amazing engineering.

2sday Twins 2sday Twins


Good News! Good News!

Coyote Crate engines are on sale for all those lamenting the EcoBoost in the new GT!

Who doesn't like Iron Man?

In case Oppo doesn't get over to Gizmodo

I saw one! I saw one!

And it wasn't on fire!

This is awesome! This is awesome!

I knew there was a Bob Ross Remix but Mr Rogers Remix!

Congrats! Congrats!

To Team Falken Tire!

Google Bike - A non-official review Google Bike - A non-official review

A while ago Google released hordes of its employees on poor unsuspecting Mountain View, taking over the city on two bright colorful wheels.

The new 'Murica! The new 'Murica!

Tractor Trailers, drag racing, closed off public roads and light beer, what could be more American? Nothing! These semis are rolling the coal of freedom and democracy down Main Street...

164 doses of $Kaybait 164 doses of $Kaybait

I'm still in the gray on the FP so here's some goodies for Oppo's #1 GT40 fan that might not have shown up!

Scion tC? Scion tC?

As I was driving into work I was behind a tC and it struck me tC ... Toyota Celica ... Now I know there is a lot of talk about this was the replacement but nothing very official from Toytoa and Scion being the "youth brand" but is the naming just a coincidence or does anyone have more insight into it?

The best Monday... The best Monday...

is a Tuesday with a Blipshift shirt in my inbox at work!

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