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Umm? Umm?

This guy hasnt won the loto just spending his imaginary money...And my chum drops the truth bomb on him...me thinks he would buy it cause it expensive.

Killing time before archer 

Just watching some ear damaging metal music videos, I’m open to suggestions, as I’m posting this I’m watching she rides.

Behind the 8 ball

Did I miss something with all these mustangs and driving through crowd stuff?

Daily Driving pet peeves  Daily Driving pet peeves 

What would you say your biggest pet peeves are when putting around town? Mine would be improper lane changes (like when turning at a advanced green), and not accelerating to highway speeds..80 is way too slow to merge safely.

Truck Truck

Don’t know much about her other than shes a GM, shot with my potato.

To snitch or not to snitch

So there is always this one guy who parks his Jeep right at the intersection/stop line by my house, this is obviously illegal and such you need to be 9 meters away from an intersection per city By-law. Now should I inform by law or just let it be and hope no one gets in a MVC with a pedestrian?

E-Brake E-Brake

I was having a conversation about e-brakes with my uncle the other day, and was amazed to find out he dose bot use it on his vehicles which are all auto. I am wondering is this normal practice? When I had my zx5 in auto I always used it. Is he crazy?

City of Ottawa City of Ottawa

Saw this in the news feed on google. I know its illegal but I don’t give a fuck, you are going to take the time to go through the trash you deserve the cash or what ever you find. I also instantly thought of TPB. What is your opinion on people going through your trash?

TPMS, grr!

So I put my summer tires back on the FoST Saturday. On my way home from my chums, I got a TPMS fault. They where re paired when put on, could it be a dead TPMS?

Parking lots boo. Parking lots boo.

Got to my car after work and noticed this. What should I do?

What the? What the?

Umm sure?


Is there any difference between the two other than how they are mounted?

At the folks  At the folks 

Looking forward to driving dads Figaro again, same as the bug.

Time to squeeze every penny  Time to squeeze every penny 

I am gonna be saving up for one of these puppies for my FoST


Well at work I am having issues with boards, and believe I have found the problem to be a relay. I cant seem to find it on Newark or digi key. Is there another site anyone can recommend to find equivalent components from?

Snow covered cars

Well I woke up to some snow in Canada’s Nation Capital this morning. On my way into work I saw a Astro van almost completely covered in snow, with only about a 2/3rds of the windshield cleared off. Headlights covered too.

Saw this on my FB feed Saw this on my FB feed

It made me laugh

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