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Fiesta ST Lives! Fiesta ST Lives!

I know there was a ruckus about whether she would see another year. She shall!

Meep Meep

The hybrid boost is so electrifying.


Found you!

Hrmm Hrmm

Funny looking seats for a mclaren f1

Can't wait. Can't wait.

The last car is best car. Also can’t wait to see how close they got the physics on the GT.

Done. Done.

Getting real tired of this white stuff.

I seen an oppo persons! I seen an oppo persons!

In a fiesta st like this one. I dunno who you are, but I seen your muddy flap flaps, oppo sticker, and wintery tires at the red light. By the Ford dealer, mcdonalds, Wendy’s, kfc, etc. First time seeing one of you in the wild. Just dunno who you are.

It's cold, bring them inside. It's cold, bring them inside.

It’s like a big daft dog, what’s not to love?

Bird flu Bird flu

Fighting the flu of the birds. Or swine flu, or both. Have a horrid tickle cough driving me crazy, can’t get rid of it. Any suggestions?

Bought a thing Bought a thing

Good bye little subaru, you served me well.

It's here! It's here!

Whelp, no yard work today.

Need suggestions Need suggestions

I feel the need for more stickers, help find me some.

So, current state of F1.... So, current state of F1....

I’ve been binge watching old races. Currently on season 2004. I find it so much more interesting than the current setup. Re-fulling throws so much more interest into the races. Yes passing was still rarer than todays game. But there is nothing like watching Schumacher, Alonso, Raikkonen, Montoya, etc chasing down the…

Aztecs..... Aztecs.....

It seems everyone is missing the obvious. Aztecs are the preferred method of transportation for new cooks......

Datsun LMP1

I tried to tell everyone a FWD LMP1 car was silly. There is no way they can drop 20sec off their lap time at la sarthe with this current platform. Ben Bowley has wonderful off the wall designs, but that’s all they have been thus far unfortunately.

Seriously? Seriously?

I raise your weirdness with this

Raikkomania! Raikkomania!…

A-10 In Action

Fitting tribute to the ugly ole' unwanted bird.

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