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13 Reasons Why Season 2

Okay so no spoilers in the post because I’m only like 6 minutes into episode 13. If you want any spoilers in the comments, please only talk about things from before episode 13 (well at least until like 9:30 central standard time).

Gardening OT

What’s got you excited about your garden this year?

Fantastic Food Plans OT

Veggies are finally starting to come in! I got fresh spinach and asparagus yesterday and I am stoked!

Saturday plans?

Whatcha up to, GT?

"Logistics" OT  "Logistics" OT 

TW: sex, whatever else people talk about :)

Frustration with a parent not planning for being old

I don’t know where to start with this post, so please bear with me.

James Shaw Jr. is amazing and a hero

He disarmed a dude with a semiautomatic weapon, saving a lot of lives.

Accomplishments Post!

What are you proud of accomplishing lately?

Michael Cohen vs. Barry Zuckerhorn Michael Cohen vs. Barry Zuckerhorn

GT, every time I see pictures of Michael Cohen’s doofy confused face I think of the lawyer from Arrested Development.

Confession Time! OT

All I’ve consumed today is carbs and butter and I REGRET NOTHING.

If you need some spices!

Penzey’s has an awesome free gift this weekend, their “American Heart and Soul” box is free (well, you pay shipping unless you spend $20 on other deliciousness).

Blame Game is so outdated, Mr. President

Waaah waaaah Jeff Sessions shouldn’t have recused himself... if he was gonna do that he needed to tell us first and he wouldn’t be the Attorney General

Deep Thoughts, with brightersideoflife (also OT)

I watched Thor: Ragnarok the other day, and I fucking that movie. I saw Black Panther a few weeks back, and I fucking love that movie, too.

Dickie, have you taken a CPR Class? 

I was at the gym this morning and watched a CNN round panel where professional smegma Rick Santorum said that teenagers shouldn’t expect politicians to fix the gun problems for them and that they need to take responsibility for the gun violence problem, too. When pressed by the CNN anchor that they were stepping up…

Think we'll get epic presidential tweets?

Don Jr’s wife of 12 years is GTFO of the marriage. Uncontested, so I’m assuming she signed a prenup.

Weekend Plans - Tell Me about Them!

I am having a domesticity goddess weekend! I have a lot of cooking and baking (!) (I am not a baker, but fuck yeah I’m trying to make a carrot cake today! FROM SCRATCH! GRATING CARROTS AND ALL!!!!) planned. I have a lot of house-cleaning. Not spring cleaning, that’s too soon, more of the “oh holy fuck how long has it…

Breaking News: Trump will meet with Kim Jong Un

Does anybody else feel like the rest of the world is planning on abandoning them both on a island and then letting the adults run things again?

Sunday OT and why I hate people

I know better, I know better. I know to just keep my opinions to myself on facebook. But sometimes I just snap.

Weekend Food Post

Hi GT! Whatcha eating/cooking/etc?

Atomic Homefront Documentary +link to watch FREE

If you have HBO, I highly recommend watching Atomic Homefront. It’s about the radioactive waste all over North St. Louis County and the West Lake Landfill (which also has underground fires, but don’t worry!).

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