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Saturday Night Antisocial

Whatcha up to this evening?

OT, Subscription Boxes

Tell me about your subscription boxes and what you love about them! I’ve done Ipsy for a couple of years and I love it because it’s not expensive and I get fun stuff. Anything I can’t use or don’t want I save for gifts for friends, and I give out the empty cosmetic bags at Halloween.

Good Things and Celebrations Post Good Things and Celebrations Post

EVERYONE I GOT A NEW JOB!!!!! Away from the current douchebags! And it’s an internal transfer so I don’t lose my benefits, etc!!!

Cooking Shortcuts Recommendations

Hi all! I was watching an episode of the new Good Eats and the steak cooking process was so complex that I was like “screw it, glad I don’t eat steaks anymore...”


Hi all! This asshole billboard is in at least 2 places in St. Louis County (one of which is right near my work) but hahahhaha motherfuckers it’s no longer at 170 and Rock Road!

Holiday Food Tryouts/Recommendations Post

What new things are you trying out this year before major holidays to see if they’ll work for that?

to the church up the street, also whine about whatever

Y’all can suck it. Jerks. Holding a lock-in party on Halloween so most of the kids in the neighborhood aren’t here because your stupid lock-in goes until 10pm.

Good Song! Also general recommendations post.  Good Song! Also general recommendations post. 

Have you listened to AJR’s “Burn the House Down” yet? I heard it in the car yesterday and I was like “this, I like this 2 weeks before an election.” Also the beat is very peppy and the trumpet a nice touch.

Weekend FOOD Post 

The weather dropped like 40 degrees in 2 days and now I want ALL the fall foods.

Public Service Announcements Post

Warn fellow denizens of GT away from shit with this post. Can be any topic. 

Fitness Post/OT/Whatevs :) Fitness Post/OT/Whatevs :)

I’m laying on the floor wondering when my glutes will stop being angry with me.

Sick Burns You've Seen Lately Sick Burns You've Seen Lately

What are some good clapbacks and sick burns you’ve seen recently? The petty AF aspect of my personality loves these.

Good Things Post!

Work was basically the IT version of Chernobyl today, and then the A/C stopped working on my floor, and really that sucked.

Whhiiinnnne with me post

My whines today: it’s fucking in the low 90s outside and they turned on the fucking heat in my office building. It was... not pretty. Nor did it smell good.

Powerful Essay about Kavanaugh and treatment of accusers of sexual assault

Some choice quotes — (and she doesn’t hold anything back, I highly recommend her essay)


“unsung success” my fat ass

Favorite Lazy Meal?

What’s some of your go-to “eh, fuck it” meals? Dinner last night and tonight has been goat cheese smeared on crackers. Just scraping it out of the plastic Costco packaging and smearing it on crackers.

Kaepernick full ad Kaepernick full ad

Well done, Nike. You made me cry with your inspirational commercial.

Are Hot Pockets More American than Apple Pie?

GT, I just saw a commercial for Hot Pockets with the slogan at the end —

Whhhiiiiiiine with me post

Tell me what you are whining about lately.

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