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Olympics OT

For a country full of people loving their guns so much, apparently US athletes can’t medal at biathlon.

Fuck It Thursday Post

Please join me in discussing whatever has you pissed off today.

Tuesday Olympics OT

I know it’s the Olympics when I find myself humming John William’s “Olympic Fanfare” while presenting breakfast to the dog.

Sunday Whine OT


Sunday OT

Whatcha up to, GT?

Damn Good Advertising Damn Good Advertising

I know they are a beer company. I know I am biased, growing up in St. Louis where I see Clydesdales several times a week and had family who worked in the brewery.

Whine Post OT

Come whhhiiiiinnnnneeee with me.



Government Shutdown OT

T minus 49 mins

New Stuff Post!

New, new to you, “new” aka just found something you already had, etc.

Food OT Food OT

I am so proud of the dinner I made!

This is unacceptable.

I listened to this in my car on the way to work in the morning. Fucking unacceptable.

X-Files Open Thread X-Files Open Thread

ALL THE SPOILERS are probably going to happen.

Manageable Resolutions

Everyone loves grandiose plans. “I will get married this year” or “I will lose 50 lbs” or whatnot.

Best Gift You Ever Got Yourself OT

Mine is a few fancy kickass kitchen knives. The cost hurt, the functionality and ease is through the roof.

Baking and Cooking OT

Ask any questions you have about cooking and baking. No question too silly nor basic nor complicated! I know from our fairly regular food threads that there are some ridiculously good chefs and bakers on GT, so I feel like the group can help sort things out.

Icebreaker Post

We got some new people around these parts, and a lot of people finally able to author. Let’s do an icebreaker and chat about all our ideas.

To help understand what people live with in Alabama

A lot of people have been ignored for centuries in that state. Elected officials don’t do shit for them, don’t care about them, wish they would all just shut up and pay their exorbitantly high sales taxes. Alabama is one of those states where property taxes are super low, but they are fucked for revenue so they use…

Check Out These Mostly Gross Vintage Food Ads

Some are more “ewwww but expected given frozen/canned food options at the time...”

What a Paskudnyak

I had to google Yiddish insults for this one, because shmuck, shmendrick, and putz didn’t capture my intent well enough.

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