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Clothing and Fashion Discussion

Did I miss it where someone like the Hadids or the Kardashians started wearing socks with sandals? I went shopping this afternoon and I saw a bunch of teens/early college women doing the sandals/socks combo. Like Tevas with socks.

First Day of School Photos; OT

Is this a thing people did when they were kids? I’m 34, and I don’t know of one 1st day of school photo my parents took of me. But my facebook feed is covered in them for all my friends’ kids. I think it’s cute.

Opinions Post OT

Y’all, I have had 3 mojitos on an empty stomach at a work Happy Hour because one of my favorite coworkers is leaving us for a different company. I have all the opinions right now.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Bob McCulloch!

Who’s Bob McCulloch, you might ask. Bob McCulloch is the eight-term St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney who decide not to press charges against the cop who murdered Michael Brown back in 2014.

Netflix Recommendations Post

What are you all watching? I’m mid-binge on Marching Orders which is SO GOOD SO FAR!!!


Do you think other cast members will make guest appearances????


My grandfather was in the Navy in the Pacific, 3 great uncles served in Europe during WW2, including a great uncle who was at D-Day.

Slimebags Taking $$$ to Let People Live in Contaminated Neighborhoods

Warning: with an article, never ever ever read the comments.

So we're saving articles instead of starring them?

I guess this inflates page views and makes the sites look more important? Thoughts?

Uber driver recording passengers and posting videos online

1. I understand why safety concerns would cause Uber or Lyft drivers to record inside their cars. Just don’t livestream it.

Folks, don't drive off with the gas pump still in your tank

Also, bonus point to the Riverfront Times for the lovely honesty of the title of this article.

Deep Thoughts with brightersideoflife OT

Every morning around the same time at work, I go to the bathroom. I’ve been worried this week because damn my pee has been really frothy. Like that’s weird, right???

Midweek Fitness and #LIFEGOALS Post Midweek Fitness and #LIFEGOALS Post

UGGGGHHHHHH I did an ab workout for the first time in 6 weeks.

Friday OT

Cheeto Mussolini is holding a slander press conference about “American victims” of illegal immigration and trotting out white people to talk about their family members who have been killed by illegal immigrants.

Monday OT

Anyone want to place odds on a nuclear war starting tomorrow?

Task Avoidance OT

I bought a second sterilite three-shelf thing at Target yesterday because my makeup situation has spiraled out of control. I need to re-sort it all. But I really don’t want to because then I have to think about all the money I have spent. Given how much I love a “gift with purchase,” there is a not insignificant…

Evening OT

Y’all I don’t really care if the Golden Knights or the Capitals win the Stanley Cup. But I fucking love the whackadoo over the top pregame Vegas does.

GT Check-In!

Hi all, I survived the delicious almost-death by rhubarb cake last night!

Great News OT

Great News! None of my rhubarb cake is going to waste!

Cognitive Dissonance time

Eating candy* while reading a book about how we need to drastically reduce sugar consumption.

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