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Throwback Thursday Throwback Thursday

I know I’m a tad late with the latest Tomicarama. It’s been sitting around for a few weeks. I decided to open it up and then looked at all the stickers and little pieces and got lazy, instantly. So I’ve just set it up with basics, minus all the fancy flags, light poles, etc. and what better way to set it then with…

Rennsport Reunion: Tomica 356 Rennsport Reunion: Tomica 356

Since everyone’s posting Porsches, figured I’ll join in with an older shot I took last month of my Tomica Porsche 356 lot.

Land of the Rising (Sun)day: Honda City & Tokyo Land of the Rising (Sun)day: Honda City & Tokyo

I find myself in Tokyo this weekend. The sun did rise but it was a gloomy day so ended up being indoors. I ended up at the Megaweb Toyota City Showcase, just sitting inside cars I probably won’t ever buy (Prius, I’m looking at you). At the same time, there was an exhibition on cars from the 1960’s. It was nice seeing…

Hour Rule: Tomica Hour Rule: Tomica

Between being busy with work and life, the lack of new stuff at shops, and scalpers, it had been a few quiet months for me - can’t even remember the last car I bought.

Hour Rule: Pegcooler? Hour Rule: Pegcooler?

What is the term for someone that buys up the pegwarmers?

Land of the Rising Sun(day): Toyota Crown Van Deluxe Land of the Rising Sun(day): Toyota Crown Van Deluxe

A very nice looking Wagon (or van, as Tomica calls it) released recently, and a re-colour. I guess these “Station wagons” are not everyone’s cup of tea but I do have memories of my dad owning a Toyota Corona Wagon and driving us around in the late ‘80’s. I actually learnt to drive in it in the late ‘90’s, so you could…

Savanna Saturday Savanna Saturday

Started going through my neglected Tomica drawer to try and sort things out. Ended up pulling a Mazda Savanna GT aka RX-3 out and opening it up. Then more and more reared its rotary head. Next thing I knew, all these guys were looking at me. Anyway, quick shot of the posse with the iPotato.

Hour Rule: Tomica Premium Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz Hour Rule: Tomica Premium Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz

One of two new Tomica Premiums (Nissan Leopard being the other one) recently released. This Eldorado is nice but I’m more in awe that the Nissan Leopard has opening doors, which will be another post.

Hour Rule: Datsun 200SX Hour Rule: Datsun 200SX

Just 2 of many new acquisitions in the last month or so... Tomica Limited Vintage Datsun 200SX

My Top 10 of 2017 My Top 10 of 2017

HY90 had asked for our top 10 purchases of 2017 - this may have been the hardest thing I have had to do this year.

French Friday French Friday

It’s been a long week so here’s some French cars for this French Friday. On the plus side though is I’m heading to Tokyo tomorrow so might be able to pick up something nice for Rising (Sun)day.

Hour Rule: Mr. President Hour Rule: Mr. President

My bargain for the month: Tomica Nissan President I picked this up off eBay for about AU$20, and although some may consider it expensive, I consider it a bargain. Typical black box Tomica - nice details, suspensions, opening doors.

Tiny HK Street Set  Tiny HK Street Set 

A few weeks ago I picked up a diorama set from a newish Hong Kong company called Tiny. It wasn’t until now that I remembered that I bought it so opened it up to play around with.

Hour Rule: Honda Odyssey  Hour Rule: Honda Odyssey 

Two Tomica Honda Odyssey (s/ies?). The Tokyo Auto Salon one I have seen a few times before but at stupidly high prices. Happen to come across one at a really really good price and figured it was time to add it to my collection.

Fairlady Friday Fairlady Friday

I was in Hong Kong the last few days and as usual, no trip there goes by without a purchase or two. Although there were many many things that I wanted, I did restrict myself to only a selected few.

Hour Rule: A Tale of Two Cities Hour Rule: A Tale of Two Cities

I suppose these few photos are appropriate for a Land of the Rising Sun(day). I have been spending a lot more time looking at old Tomicas and slowly increasing my collection of black box and f-series stuff. I managed to pick up the Honda City in 2 different colours recently and am having a hard time deciding which…

Hour Rule: Teutonic Tuesday Hour Rule: Teutonic Tuesday

Found the yellow Hot Wheels AMG GT yesterday and the silver Matchbox SLR McLaren today then add in the metallic red Majorette AMG GT I found a few week’s back, and we now have a group of Benz Friends (sorry, lame, I know). Just have to wait for the Tomica one to be released now

Hour Rule: Display Reshuffle Hour Rule: Display Reshuffle

Just tidying my spare room and thought the display unit needed a bit of a refresh - got a bit bored looking at the Car Culture stuff.

Tomica Lotus Elite Tomica Lotus Elite

Lotus cars in 1/64 tend to mainly be Esprit (Hot Wheels) or Europa (Tomica Limited or Premium). I guess the Elite doesn’t quite get the same recognition. It is an odd looking car and being a four-seater, I imagine one would have to be quite short to fit in the back since the roof looks quite low. Fortunately Tomica…

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