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What is Haunting This Uterus?

I’m here to tell you it pretty definitely isn’t jesus...but what is it?

A way to not feel useless on AHCA if you live in a blue state?

This is a very interesting thread basically saying that Dem senators can effectively filibuster the AHCA vote by introducing endless amendments to the bill.

#covfefe has ruined the last pure thing on twitter

Which, obviously, is @dog_rates

Fuck it...Thursday? 

Today has been garbage from the get go. I had stress dreams about work and then went into work and got aggressively talked at as soon as I walked in and I’m like - no one even trained me, I have no idea what I’m doing half the time and almost no support and that’s not *my* fault, pal!

Advice OT

Solicit advice/post your beeves/talk amongst yourselves as you wish.

Morning OT: Inane Omens Edition Morning OT: Inane Omens Edition

How is everyone this morning?

Merry Christmas OT

For anyone who doesn’t do Xmas / doesn’t have plans / is hiding in the bathroom / whatever...

The OA [spoiler] thread

Someone talk to me about The OA.

Booze Thread: calling all bloody Mary enthusiasts

As some of you may know, I’m starting a new job tomorrow at a pub. Sunday lunch is The Meal in English pubs, and I’ve been forewarned that bloody marys are a very popular order and also that the girl I’ll be working with knows next to nothing about cocktails / mixed drinks. I can’t have tomato, so I never drink…

Happy Wednesday OT Happy Wednesday OT

I just went and had a working interview for a similar position at a different pub (that will actually give me full time!) and I got it! Bad news: now I have to go tell my old boss I’m quitting.

Struggle Monday OT Struggle Monday OT

Woke up this morning feeling like someone had been punching me all over while I was asleep. I managed to drag myself out of bed and make a pot of delicious, life-giving coffee, but I may need another because I can’t seem to find any motivation to clean my flat, go grocery shopping, or sort out the last bits of…

Faaaabulous Friday OT Faaaabulous Friday OT

Good morning, o Sisters of the Vagenda!

Garbage Monday OT Garbage Monday OT

Let’s all just agree to throw this one in the bin and start over again tomorrow.

Humpday OT - send help Humpday OT - send help

Yall I have been in a training all morning for a booking and client records system.

What is Best in Life? What is Best in Life?

I just bought a new hoodie. The inside of a new hoodie, never been washed, is truly one of the best things in life. Hoodies are pretty much the only item of clothing that I will wear straight from the store, not even bothering to wash off that storeroom smell.

Sunday OT for Being Totally Over *All* of This Shit

My body is producing so much phlegm still and I feel woozy and have a horrible cough, but I got up this morning and came to work. On my way out the door I saw a blind cat stuck between the hedge and all the recycling and trash bins outside our building. It couldn’t figure out how to get out. Because it was blind. But…

The Most Wonderful Show in the Universe The Most Wonderful Show in the Universe

YOU GUYS!!!! I have just discovered the most wonderful, joyous, adorable, heartwarming, ridiculous show ever.

The Next Man Who Says [...] To Me... The Next Man Who Says [...] To Me...

The next man who says “what you’ve gotta do is put the glass at an angle” to me is getting their spleen removed with a cocktail spoon!!!!

Wednesday Musings OT

A thread for all your random, disconnected, possibly inane thoughts this Wednesday.

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