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Ancient Aliens Drinking Game: S1E9 The Undead

Hey Hey y'alllllllll. I spoke to a number of you on twitter about an Ancient Aliens Drinking Game!!! You were interested, so here it is!


I am certain we all have silver screen dreams: A character we would love to play. A beloved TV character, a movie role, a spot on the stage on Broad Way.

FANCAST: (the horrendous) SCOOBY DOO FANCAST: (the horrendous) SCOOBY DOO

BECAUSE MYSTERY AS SHIT. And I already did Clue.

FANCAST: The Breakfast Club FANCAST: The Breakfast Club

A) I am honestly SO FUCKING SURPRISED there haven't been 100000 remakes of brat pack movies already. Like everything else is being remade, why haven't these? I am sure there is some kind of rights reason, but whatever.

FANCAST: The Princess Bride FANCAST: The Princess Bride

Fun Fact! I originally typed Princess Bridge. I am going to discuss my ideas in the comments.

JK ABOUT KINJA: Fancast: Clue JK ABOUT KINJA: Fancast: Clue

Discuss the wonkage you are experiencing, here. I MEAN, IF YOU EVEN CAN, SINCE I CAN'T COMMENT ON MULTIPLE THINGS ON THE MP.

FANCAST: Clueless (I'm bored)

it's gunna happen someday. it just is. someday, clueless would be remade.

Ho, ho, ho.

i have an hour and a half left of work. i have some holiday questions!

NOT a Guilty Pleasure for Colbert NOT a Guilty Pleasure for Colbert

The Customer is Wrong Like, 78% of the Time

i just had a woman call in for 20 minutes, LOSING HER FUCKING MIND that our product didn't work because she wasn't getting results she was expecting. I was on the verge of tears and then eventually got her off the phone with the promise of an email.


lots of shitty shit is happening for me right now, but instead of GETTING INTO IT, i will complain about THIS:

Some Adorable Joy

We are all sad. But this is what me and my coworkers are doing right now, instead of working.

it's called fashun. look it up. it's called fashun. look it up.

Some families have a more formal Turkey Day than others. It's pretty clear that this DOPE ASS SWEATER i just posted is appropriate for EVERY SINGLE KIND OF THANKSGIVING DAY MEAL anyone COULD EVER HAVE, but what's your deal? Heels and cocktail dresses, suits and ties? Hoodies and leggings, hoodies and track pants?…

one direction- night changes

watch it. just watch it.

how to get ready in the morning like adultosaur.

1. have your mom wake you up from your weird ass dream about trying to get pregnant (!/Q?!?!!) at 6:57. for the next five minutes, check twitter, and lie about getting ready. tweet about terribad the show 'salem' is. try to get people to watch 'salem.'

what are you jammin to, balkers?

k'naan's troubador album is one of the best albums i have ever heard. i haven't listened since my laptop diiiiiiiiiied a horrid death a trillion years ago. at one point, i could sing the somali an extent.

Home Improvement: Painting Edition!

I am FINALLY getting around to painting my room. Or at LEAST taping it off. I have NO skill in this, despite my stepfather being retired from the painters' union. My bed is now awkwardly shoved to one side of my room so I can tape and paint my slanted ceiling. I am currently procrastinating because I have to stand on…


My cousin died. :(

Who would play me? YOU TELL ME!!!!!!!

Curious Squid asked us who we thought would play us in movies based on our lives. An excellent question...but what about those of us who are TOO LAZY TO ANSWER?????????


I am not alone, I am at work for another twenty or so minutes. I am watching Taylor Swift music videos. Someday I will do a Taylor Swift gif post all about her hair. Her hair is the best of all the hair- Always. No matter what her hair is doing, it is the best of all the hair.

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