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Monday Morning OT and rambling thoughts

All this agita over a comedy set at a crappy chicken dinner! I wonder if all the media personalities leaping to the defense of Sara Huckabee Sanders understand that their defense of her is *more* insulting than Michelle Wolf’s jokes? Let me tell you, nothing is worse than having your “friends” defend you by making it…

Really Ben Carson? 

These fuckers. Rent, food stamps, healthcare, safe working environments, livable wages: who needs them? Why not just admit you all just want poor people to lie down and die? Shit, your buddy Mick Mulvaney just told banks to bribe him for better results at the CFPB. You’re at least as dumb as him.

Uncontrollable Laughter Uncontrollable Laughter

Yeah yeah I know he’ll probably wind up being the nominee but still...

Monday Rant/OT

It’s been gale force winds and heavy rain here since Saturday night. (Still better than a blizzard for sure!)

Whoa. Just...I can't even...What the actual fuck? Whoa. Just...I can't even...What the actual fuck?

Ask a Manager has a letter today from a woman who got written up at work for having maxi pads in a shopping bag in her car. Which was in the parking lot. Another coworker (a woman) saw them and complained.


I know Tom Cruise is Weird usually posts these but I haven’t seen one today.

Words and Definitions Matter

The NYT published an op-ed about Billy Graham today. It’s not particularly complimentary thankfully. But what it does, whether due to editing or unconscious choice is to continue the characterization of evangelical Christianity as all Christianity. Throughout the article Graham is referred to as Christian, not…

Dudes who STILL don't get it Dudes who STILL don't get it

A local radio station has a segment they call “Blown Off” where the hosts hear from a person who’s been on a date with someone that then hasn’t called them back. They chat with person, get details and then call the date and put them on the spot on live radio asking why they blew the other person off.

In Shocking News, Katie Roiphe Gets it Wrong In Shocking News, Katie Roiphe Gets it Wrong

Katie Roiphe’s article is out in Harper’s. Why yes she IS reveling in her victimhood. Which is ironic considering that her whole thrust is that the #MeToo movement is turning women into victims with no agency. She, of course, is different. Her victimhood is earned with death threats from Twitter!

Afternoon Giggles/OT Afternoon Giggles/OT

So topical, so beautiful, a perfect gif! What’s made you giggle today?

Using Canadian Pharmacies from the US

So my parent, in their infinite wisdom, discontinued their Medicare Part D drug coverage. And now of course is faced with spending $5000/year on the new drug they were just prescribed. Surprise! They’re too cheap to do that (even though they could easily afford it). The doctor gave them free samples for a month but…

Tuesday Tantrums - Join me won't you? Tuesday Tantrums - Join me won't you?

Cause Fuck It Friday is too far away!

RAGE POST/OT Why do we bother to pay taxes? RAGE POST/OT Why do we bother to pay taxes?

It looks like the Senate has the votes to pass the crap tax bill. Fucking corrupt motherfuckers. 

Today's Google Doodle Today's Google Doodle

Commemorating the invention of the hole punch is adorable.

With apologies to Dr. Seuss... With apologies to Dr. Seuss...

This is what I want to see on the last episode of SNL before Christmas. Have Kate McKinnon dressed as Hillary singing with a choir of drag queens with Whoville hair wearing the dresses Melania and Ivanka wore to the Inauguration.

What the fucking fuck? A Hump day rant OT What the fucking fuck? A Hump day rant OT

What the fucking fuck is wrong with all the people who are STILL anti gun control? Do you want two year olds to be open-carrying AK-47's to pre-school? Will that finally make your dicks hard enough?

More Hot Takes on Project Runway More Hot Takes on Project Runway

From an unfashionable person who looks at most of the stuff and thinks:

Holy Crap, maybe punching Nazis IS the only way?

This NYT Op-ed is insane. A Swedish grad student went undercover in the Alt-Right movement and has videos of horrible horrible people advocating for a world where Hitler is considered a hero. This world happens “at the cost of a few hundred million people”, says one guy unconcernedly. Oh and he brags of connections to…

Pushing Past Exhaustion OT Pushing Past Exhaustion OT

We’re all exhausted. The weather/fires/earthquakes are trying to kill us all. Our government is trying to kill us all either through nuclear war, crap healthcare or death by a thousand cuts to our humanity. Companies we work for are grinding us further into dust and demanding more for less. Hell even Ken Burns is…

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