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Making It Episode 2 - "Nick are you pooping right now?" Making It Episode 2 - "Nick are you pooping right now?"

Amy and Nick were stiff last week but this week both of them clearly said “screw it” and went full steam ahead. It was hilarious and charming and they should never ever stop making this show! Simon Doonan got into the wacky groove too and Etsy lady tried.

What's Your Lifestyle Brand? What's Your Lifestyle Brand?

So I was just reading the NYT Magazine article on GOOP and Gwyneth Paltrow which was both depressing and dangerous for my eyes (the rolling, so much eye rolling). While reading I realized that I was clearly missing the trend of lifestyle branding that has been sweeping the world for a while now. Clearly I am not…

Cranky AM OT Cranky AM OT

Brought to you by my neighbor with poor digestive health and worse bathroom manners. Definite TMI

This Isn't an Accident This Isn't an Accident

So in the NYT article they (Seema Verma and the other vermin from the administration) say they HAVE to suspend payments due to a court ruling from February? Just as companies are deciding on rates for next year?

Oh, FFS People - OT Rant thread Oh, FFS People - OT Rant thread

It’s too hot and I’m feeling all cabin fever-y because I don’t want to go outside when it’s over 100 but I don’t want to stay in either and listen to my ac struggle.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Senator's Vote? How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Senator's Vote?

We know that Trump and McConnell are going to nominate the asshattiest asshat for the coming open Supreme Court seat. And we know that most Dems will vote no (Manchin and possibly Heitkamp aside). We also know that Collins and Murkowski will wiffle and waffle and fuss in the press before, most likely, they vote yes to…

Knowledge is Power, but Depressing as Fuck Knowledge is Power, but Depressing as Fuck

Here’s the PDF of the plan to re-organize the U.S. Government. It’s a lot of word salad to cover up the nastiness. The goal is to consolidate power and make it easier to cut programs they don’t like.

In "Let's destroy it just cause we can" news: In "Let's destroy it just cause we can" news:

Trump wants to reorganize the government. Or rather Mick Mulvaney and the conservative nutters like the Kochs and Heritage Foundation do.

Self Care Thread Self Care Thread

Step in and ignore reality for a moment and recharge. I know I’m not the only one feeling angry/ill/disgusted/stressed/powerless/horrified/defeated oh there are just so many feelings at once and they’re all bad really.

Evening OT - Random Thoughts Evening OT - Random Thoughts

Ivanka and Tiffany look like Real Dolls. That has to be on purpose right?

Oh Fuck You, "Justice" Department Oh Fuck You, "Justice" Department

For declining to defend hugely important parts of the ACA (aka Obamacare).

These assholes are not gonna stop this bullshit These assholes are not gonna stop this bullshit

Since the 80s religious nutballs have been stacking the decks in local elections to pull the country to the right. That has worked far too well. Now they’re going for the brass ring to turn the US into a theocracy. I fear it will work in way too many states. And I worry that we’ll let it happen because we’re still…

Monday Morning OT and rambling thoughts

All this agita over a comedy set at a crappy chicken dinner! I wonder if all the media personalities leaping to the defense of Sara Huckabee Sanders understand that their defense of her is *more* insulting than Michelle Wolf’s jokes? Let me tell you, nothing is worse than having your “friends” defend you by making it…

Really Ben Carson? 

These fuckers. Rent, food stamps, healthcare, safe working environments, livable wages: who needs them? Why not just admit you all just want poor people to lie down and die? Shit, your buddy Mick Mulvaney just told banks to bribe him for better results at the CFPB. You’re at least as dumb as him.

Uncontrollable Laughter Uncontrollable Laughter

Yeah yeah I know he’ll probably wind up being the nominee but still...

Monday Rant/OT

It’s been gale force winds and heavy rain here since Saturday night. (Still better than a blizzard for sure!)

Whoa. Just...I can't even...What the actual fuck? Whoa. Just...I can't even...What the actual fuck?

Ask a Manager has a letter today from a woman who got written up at work for having maxi pads in a shopping bag in her car. Which was in the parking lot. Another coworker (a woman) saw them and complained.


I know Tom Cruise is Weird usually posts these but I haven’t seen one today.

Words and Definitions Matter

The NYT published an op-ed about Billy Graham today. It’s not particularly complimentary thankfully. But what it does, whether due to editing or unconscious choice is to continue the characterization of evangelical Christianity as all Christianity. Throughout the article Graham is referred to as Christian, not…

Dudes who STILL don't get it Dudes who STILL don't get it

A local radio station has a segment they call “Blown Off” where the hosts hear from a person who’s been on a date with someone that then hasn’t called them back. They chat with person, get details and then call the date and put them on the spot on live radio asking why they blew the other person off.

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