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I spent the weekend helping my girlfriend dogsit I spent the weekend helping my girlfriend dogsit

My girlfriend has now convinced me on getting a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. I love this dog.

Meet my new dog, Oppo Meet my new dog, Oppo

Got a new dog this weekend! He’s a 3 year old English coonhound that we adopted from a shelter in Ohio. We’ve named him Curzon Dax.

Puggerina Content Puggerina Content

Binkie got to hang out with my mom and chase around her 80-pound Dalmatian. Yes, cap’n Jack is a fat boy.

Saturday Doggo Saturday Doggo

We told him his friend was coming, once he calmed down he just stared out the window. Bonus Volvo in background.

Gloomy Saturday Gloomy Saturday

And Scooter is making sure I don’t get anything done. I’m mega-OK with this.

Doggo Gotcha Day Doggo Gotcha Day

7 years ago today I brought Scooter home. We’re both older and maybe a little wiser. He still has puppy time even at nearly 11 years old, and with one bum leg (partial tear on his ACL - regular limp and intermittent pain)

I visited San Diego for a work conference I visited San Diego for a work conference

Turns out it’s nice. Photodump ahead:

Doglopnik  Doglopnik 

Shamelesly posting a photo of my awesome dog

How? How?

How can some guys be turned on by dirty bitches covered in mud? All I can think of is the mess she’ll do at home

The Pug... The Pug...

Binkie has a new friend. His name is Süvërpÿggsvën. He is the Süver-est of the Pÿggsvën. Theodore, Esquire III, of the house of Hedgehogglington, is still with us, but has retired his post since the unfortunate incident with his nose.

Doggo-pinions Doggo-pinions

Wife is pushing hard for us to get a golden doodle. Any of you all have one and have opinions?

Matching Pets Matching Pets

And bad linoleum.

Doglopnik Doglopnik

When you’re tall, large, and strong, you get recruited to help move and carry heavy objects. Such is what happened while my wife was at work. Our friend and her dad were moving furniture to make room for some new bookshelves so i helped.

Genius Genius

Binkie haz it.

Doglopnik: Dug IRL Edition Doglopnik: Dug IRL Edition

My gf sent me this as a wonderful distraction of the day. Figured I would pass it on to the Oppo collective.

Mountain Drive with Doggo Mountain Drive with Doggo

Took the dog to meet up with friends at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. As a result, I kept throwing the GTI into curves on the roads, only to have to back off when I heard him adjusting or sliding across the rear seat. He doesn’t love the car, and I have to keep it tame for him.

It's 2:40am And My Dog Won't Stop Farting  It's 2:40am And My Dog Won't Stop Farting 

Oh the humanity! It just won’t stop! It’s been going on for hours now. She’s dead asleep and they just keep on coming. In the time it took me to to type this much, it’s happened three times. It’s horrible, just horrible.

Ruby 2016 Ruby 2016

Sleep stance: sideways

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