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Russian Cyberpunk MV  Russian Cyberpunk MV 

I bring to your attention yet another music video by the Russian band Leningrad (here is my previous post on the topic, which was left ignored by the esteemed community). this is their cooperation project with Glu’Koza, the Russian animated music project similar to the Gorillaz (here is my post on her).

If you are into medieval battle royal If you are into medieval battle royal

Ukrainian game developers Blackrose Arts have you covered.

Folk Postmodern  Folk Postmodern 

Found this today in my Facebook feed and fell in love. The costumes, the scenery, the lyrics — the singer is using her native dialect of Ukrainian, the Transcarpathian Ukrainian, and lays layers over layers of irony in her delivery (most of them, I assume, will be totally lost on anybody who is not Ukrainian but you…

Jousting Revived

Just making a repost of this person’s post — and make sure to check out the video, it is amazeballs,

Superhousewife Superhousewife

this lovely music video from the legendary Russian band Leningrad combines an action and sci-fi story in the video and a very kitchy and profane lyrics of women discussing men in Russia. the last words in the video are:

Stolen Princess Stolen Princess

If you are into Disney-inspired local animated movies, you might want to check out Stolen Princess by the Ukrainian studio Amigrad, loosely based on the poem by Aleksander Pushkin ‘Ruslan and Liudmila’, which in its turn was loosely based on the Kyivan Rus heroic ballads.

5 Minutes in Chornobyl Restricted Zone  5 Minutes in Chornobyl Restricted Zone 

Looks innocent, right? Creepy but more or less harmless.

Postmodernist Siberian Throat Singing Postmodernist Siberian Throat Singing

by a band Bugotak. I’ve been meaning to post these for quite some time but failed to remember the name. these recordings are about 7 years old, and my memory isn’t what it used to be. anyhow, enjoy these lovely covers!

 Siberian Shaman Woman   Siberian Shaman Woman 

Her name is Olena Podluzhna, and her stage name is Uutai, loosely translated from the Yakut language means secret created by water.

Medieval Student Song in Latin  Medieval Student Song in Latin 

Ukrainian historic reenactors are really hardcore as you can see from this video — everything looks medieval and time-period-appropriate in this video shot to a medieval Polish student song in Latin. The video was shot in Lvivska oblast which has no shortage of historic locations. The band’s name is Kings and Beggars.…

Steampunk Beetle Brooch  Steampunk Beetle Brooch 

Handmade by a Ukrainian craftswoman Lyubov Babak:

Ukrainian Cyborgs against Apple over Russian 'cyborg' Ukrainian Cyborgs against Apple over Russian 'cyborg'

Apple filmed a Russian parathlete calling himself a Russian cyborg.

Sad-Eyed Dolls by Helena Oplakanska    Sad-Eyed Dolls by Helena Oplakanska   

Helena Oplakanska was trained as an architect and artist but making art dolls is her calling.

Architect Turned Doll-Maker Architect Turned Doll-Maker

Ukrainian artist Tamara Pivniuk turned to doll-making later in life — and now it is her full-time passion. Her dolls are elegant and sassy and playful and mesmerizing, what with all the details and layers and cultural symbolism.

Time of He-Man's Life  Time of He-Man's Life 

I have no idea what this advertising is advertising and I don’t care in the least.

Territory of Ukraine in the last 1000 years Territory of Ukraine in the last 1000 years

If you like historic maps and European history you might find this video illuminating. It is in Ukrainian though but still neat.

Snake Man Dances with Snake Snake Man Dances with Snake

He is Kazimir Satler and he is Ukrainian.

Modernist music video wins animation contest Modernist music video wins animation contest

The band’ name is Zapaska (a form of Ukrainian folk attire skirt), the name is ‘Ask a question’, and the animator behind this little modernist masterpiece is Oleh Zhyrba. (Ukraine had a blooming Modernist culture until the Soviets partly smothered and partly appropriated it — like they did do everything Ukrainian).

Urban fantasies of Kysaka Urban fantasies of Kysaka

or, more tellingly, Biter, Irkutsk-based artist Liana Anatolyevich, are captivating and hint at dangers both tangible and intangible. She seems to reference a lot of folklore and modern pop culture (check out her Hellboy).

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