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Superhousewife Superhousewife

this lovely music video from the legendary Russian band Leningrad combines an action and sci-fi story in the video and a very kitchy and profane lyrics of women discussing men in Russia. the last words in the video are:

Postmodernist Siberian Throat Singing Postmodernist Siberian Throat Singing

by a band Bugotak. I’ve been meaning to post these for quite some time but failed to remember the name. these recordings are about 7 years old, and my memory isn’t what it used to be. anyhow, enjoy these lovely covers!

 Siberian Shaman Woman   Siberian Shaman Woman 

Her name is Olena Podluzhna, and her stage name is Uutai, loosely translated from the Yakut language means secret created by water.

Medieval Student Song in Latin  Medieval Student Song in Latin 

Ukrainian historic reenactors are really hardcore as you can see from this video — everything looks medieval and time-period-appropriate in this video shot to a medieval Polish student song in Latin. The video was shot in Lvivska oblast which has no shortage of historic locations. The band’s name is Kings and Beggars.…

Time of He-Man's Life  Time of He-Man's Life 

I have no idea what this advertising is advertising and I don’t care in the least.

Modernist music video wins animation contest Modernist music video wins animation contest

The band’ name is Zapaska (a form of Ukrainian folk attire skirt), the name is ‘Ask a question’, and the animator behind this little modernist masterpiece is Oleh Zhyrba. (Ukraine had a blooming Modernist culture until the Soviets partly smothered and partly appropriated it — like they did do everything Ukrainian).

Indians of Russia Indians of Russia

Did you know that Russia has its own, honest-to-Gods, Indians? (I know the correct terms for the Indigenous peoples but the similarity is much more obvious this way) and of all places, in Siberia? (as a matter of fact, the two men in the very beginning of the new The Tick series are Siberian reindeer herders)

Dungeon Beer Dungeon Beer

It has been some time since I posted here Ukrainian music - so I return to you with Rock-H (pronounced Rok-ush), a Ukrainian folk-rock band with a very recognizable sound. They rely heavily on the Carpathian Ukrainian folk music styles.

Ukrainian Music On Eurovision Ukrainian Music On Eurovision

If you didn’t watch this year’s Eurovision you missed the Ukrainian musicians performing in it.

My feeling about the future of the world My feeling about the future of the world

for the last three years, as expressed by artistic means of 2Cellos:

Hey, it is another Chornobyl anniversary! Hey, it is another Chornobyl anniversary!

The sand artist is Ksenia Symonova, she is Ukrainian.

Things we do for love Things we do for love

I suppose by now everybody and their dog has seen the video of a professor on live broadcast trying to stop his kids from messing his very serious comment.

Water Sprite Brings Spring Water Sprite Brings Spring

in this delightful fantasy video to a song in the Belarusian language.

Astronomy / Death Metal as Universal Language  Astronomy / Death Metal as Universal Language 

the song is called ‘I Speak Astronomy’.

Winter Carol of the Bells  Winter Carol of the Bells 

As per usual, before Christmas I post another video with the Ukrainian traditional New Year song, Shchedtryk, that the entire world knows as the Carol of the Bells — and this time, it is a mashup with Vivaldi’s Winter played by two Ukrainian musicians Yurii Radko and Roman Humeniuk. And what a masterful mashup it is!

Ukrainian sirens  Ukrainian sirens 

This is a weirdly fascinating music video with women wearing all kinds of Ukrainian folk costume items and being slowly disrobed by black hands while sit-dancing and singing in English about how they want to touch their addressee. And it does look and sound surreal.

White-Blooded Woman White-Blooded Woman

This weirdly Soviet-gothic mv was created for a Ukrainian ethno-singer-classically trained composer Illaria, to mark her new album.

Ukrainian Opera Helloween Ukrainian Opera Helloween

The singer is Aliona Hrebeniuk, once the prima of Ukrainian National Opera and still a respected TV persona of the Ukrainian TV version of the Star Academy, Factory of Stars”, premiered this video a decade ago, in 2006, but it still looks gorgeous.

Robo-human love affair (nsfw) Robo-human love affair (nsfw)

This is a new music video by a Ukrainian rock band TiK (Tverezist i Kultura, or, Sobriety and Culture). It has some crude images of a robopenis and some references to most revered robots and cyborgs in the world pop culture, and is rather fun all around.

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