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Winged Wednesday Winged Wednesday

I’ve added two more Bentley GT3 race cars to my collection, quietly regretting I didn’t add the other new ones as well. I hope you enjoy!

Teutonic Tuesday Triple Threat (image heavy) Teutonic Tuesday Triple Threat (image heavy)

I recently received two GT3 RS models and two Bentley GT cars (saving those for later) from Sparky, and I love em! However, I also ruined a Majorette 918 Spyder Prototype while trying to add detail, so I decided I would grab another one (aaaaand i messed that up, too. can you tell??) and the ruined one would become…

Murica Monday: C6 Corvette Murica Monday: C6 Corvette

I really like the job Auto World did with this casting. I sure hope they do the C7... or at least add to their catalogue!

LaLeMans 2018...1/64 style LaLeMans 2018...1/64 style

Picked up a Racing Champions Pit Crew set on eBay for a great price the other day. Figured LaLeMans was a good opportunity to mess around with it.

Wheelswap Wednesday Wicked Outlaw Wheelswap Wednesday Wicked Outlaw

I was reminded, yesterday, that I have the Gulf livery. Did you know it is actually a different tool? I didn’t realize it, until today. Overall, I believe the RLC is way overpriced. I fixed up the tampos on the Outlaw a little bit:) I hope you enjoy!

Hour Rule: Teutonic Tuesday Hour Rule: Teutonic Tuesday

Two of my favorite versions of this casting(:

Hour Rule: Bulls from Chicago Hour Rule: Bulls from Chicago

...but not Chicago Bulls(:

Ford Friday Mix Ford Friday Mix

Just a few shots of some of the Fords in my collection. I believe Greenlight makes the best Ford GT in 1/64 scale. Mini GT by TSM is coming out with a 1/64 line and in it will be the GTE version of this car. I can’t wait for that!

Spaghetti Sunday Snapshot Extravaganza Spaghetti Sunday Snapshot Extravaganza

The Duke of Diecast Garage, 4th floor subbasement started out as the Ferrari room. Now, it’s the Italian section:p

Hour Rule: Gloomy GT2 Hour Rule: Gloomy GT2

This may stay in my pocket for a while:D

Hour Rule: Kowalski's Puppies Hour Rule: Kowalski's Puppies

Kowalski brought his puppies to work, today. Say hi to Pinky and Shadow:D

Teutonic Tuesday with Magnus Teutonic Tuesday with Magnus

My favorite of the set! I gave it some extra details and sat it next to a fresh one for comparison;)

Born To Be Wild Born To Be Wild

When it comes to diorama photos, the one thing that distinguishes a good shot from a great shot is the details. The tires, the grit of the road, the street signs... One of the things I pride myself on is being as creative as possible when setting up my diorama shots. I want that moment to hit, when you do a double…

Super Saturday Special Shovel Showcase Super Saturday Special Shovel Showcase

I had a bit of a mail call this week. I’m really impressed by the Charger Daytonas from Ertl and their opening trunk feature. Anyway, this fed my muscle car appetite... for now;) Oh, and I made a shovel, too:D I wanna start making some more things in 1/64 scale. I’ve always been fascinated with miniatures.

New Diorama Under Construction New Diorama Under Construction

So, I found a cool piece when I was home visiting my parents. Its an old crusher yard that I had as a kid. I thought I’d turn it into a good place to grab some pics of some of my scummier cars. Ratty cars are more fun to build anyway. Mistakes can just become friendly little shrubs *cue Bob Ross vid here*

Auto World Hour Rule Auto World Hour Rule

Just a harmless little fish called a Barracuda :D

You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet

Yesterday I posted about my massive indoor diorama. Today I am showing you some my outdoor diecast photos.

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