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The Boléro Effect Productivity Playlist The Boléro Effect Productivity Playlist

Ravel’s Boléro, the famous repetitive piece that builds to a full-orchestra climax, is the most famous example of a classical form, based on the Latin dance genre of the same name. TV Tropes, a website made entirely of rabbit holes, lists over 50 examples of this particular song structure, and we’ve collected as many…

The Lonely Nostalgia YouTube Playlist The Lonely Nostalgia YouTube Playlist

The New Yorker ran a story yesterday about the emotional experience of listening to a tinny version of Toto’s “Africa” on YouTube. The popular video simulates the sound of hearing the pop song echoing through an empty shopping mall. The piece nails the song’s effect:

Here's a Playlist of Songs You Know But You Can’t Name Here's a Playlist of Songs You Know But You Can’t Name

Hey what’s that song from? Ask MetaFilter commenters named 52 different tunes, mostly classical and big-band, that you’ll recognize instantly but might have trouble naming. And we assembled them into a Spotify playlist, along with songs from here and here.

The 'Work From Home Week' Playlist The 'Work From Home Week' Playlist

Of the many pleasures of working in the place that you live, blasting your own music might be the best. (That or going pantless.) To kick off Work From Home Week, we built you a playlist for cranking up in the home office, or pumping through your earbuds to drown out the Starbucks crowd.

The Goodbye Songs Playlist The Goodbye Songs Playlist

Farewells are never easy. A little hole opens in your heart as you watch your past fly away on a jet plane. Whether you’re glad to see it go or will miss the old days, this playlist helps you find the words to say goodbye.

The Folk Metal Playlist The Folk Metal Playlist

Folk metal is a distinctly unique genre, combining the harsh, aggressive sound of heavy metal with the homespun traditions of folk music. This week’s playlist celebrates that fiery fusion.

The Bedroom Jams Playlist The Bedroom Jams Playlist

If you want to earn extra style points this upcoming Valentine’s Day, the right soundtrack for the evening can help. You can find a playlist to go along with dinner somewhere else. Here, we have one for what comes after.

The Breakup Songs Playlist The Breakup Songs Playlist

Breakup songs are an emotional blend of anger, heartache, optimism, and renewal. This week’s playlist hits all the nerves with a blend of songs to mend the pain.

The Mass Effect Playlist The Mass Effect Playlist

Have you guys seen that new trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda? If you haven’t, go check it out. If you have, go watch it again. Then come back and put on this playlist of all of the music from this series.

The Throwback Thursday Playlist The Throwback Thursday Playlist

Thanks to the power of alliteration, Thursday’s a prime time to remember the rose-tinted days of just a few years ago. This playlist takes you back to the 80s, 90s, and 00s.

The Dungeons & Dragons Background Music Playlist The Dungeons & Dragons Background Music Playlist

Tabletop games like Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder can be incredibly immersive with the right music. This playlist has all the music you’ll ever need to paint a picture for your party.

The Winter Classical Playlist The Winter Classical Playlist

As the whether gets colder, staying indoors looks even more appealing than it normally does. Turn on this playlist and chill out to classical music with a wintery theme.

The Darth Vader Playlist The Darth Vader Playlist

The first ever Star Wars movie without an episode number is finally out, and it’s all about that first Death Star. You know, before Death Stars became boring. To commemorate the new movie, have a playlist of Darth Vader’s favorite music.

The Holiday Party Playlist The Holiday Party Playlist

It’s finally December, which means you probably have about 47 holiday parties already lined up. That’s a lot to prepare for. Knock the playlist off the to-do list for all of them with this holiday collection.

The Pirate Radio Playlist The Pirate Radio Playlist

Music and piracy have an intertwined relationship. As long as we’ve been recording songs, those outside the law have been broadcasting the signal to anyone who will listen. This playlist celebrates one of the earliest forms of music in a legal gray area: pirate radio.

The Greatest Punk Hits Playlist The Greatest Punk Hits Playlist

When life sucks and all you can do is scream, punk music is there for you. To give you an outlet, this playlist features some of the best music to come out of the punk genre.

The Cubs Postseason Walk-Up Playlist The Cubs Postseason Walk-Up Playlist

In case you somehow haven’t heard by now, the Cubs won the World Series against all odds. To celebrate, here’s a playlist of the Cubs’ postseason walk-up music.

The Halloween Party Playlist The Halloween Party Playlist

Halloween is right around the corner and that means it’s time for Halloween parties. This week’s playlist takes care of the music for you so you can put up more decorations and work on your costume.

The Nintendo Playlist The Nintendo Playlist

Without hearing a single note, you can probably hum the Super Mario Brothers or Legend of Zelda theme. Nintendo’s games have a rich musical history and this week’s playlist rounds up some of the best renditions.

The Bob Dylan Playlist The Bob Dylan Playlist

Today, American songwriter Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, becoming the first musician to receive the honor. So, it’s a perfect time to revisit his vastly influential work. You can start with this playlist.

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