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Don't Even Try To Sleep In The Rear Of Your Tesla When It Goes Into Ludicrous Mode

The roomy rear of the Tesla Model S sure looks like a cozy place to camp out, but the floor might be a bit uncomfortable even with the seat folded. Fortunately, Dreamcase makes a bed for the hatch of the Model S, but as Brooks from DragTimes demonstrates, you should really only use it while parked.

Watch The New Tesla Roadster's "Plaid" Mode Rocket The Car From Zero To 81 MPH In An Instant

After Tesla debuted its new Roadster last night, it gave a few folks a test ride to show off “Plaid,” the “beyond ludicrous” launch mode that is said to help rocket the car to 60 mph in under two seconds. Here’s a look at it in action. In the video, the driver actually blows right past 60 mph and hits 81 in what seems…

The essence of drifting in one two-minute clip The essence of drifting in one two-minute clip

If you just can't get drifting, Georgiy Stepanyan and his Nissan Silvia's here to help, with this clip shot in the Ukrainian mountains last October. There's more to it than just pulling the handbrake and watching for smoke. Thanks, Spencer!